The word “Dodo” in Hausa, ordinarily implies an obscure, fearful image for the kids. When your children become irritatingly mischievous, you threaten them with the emergence of Dodo, and that promptly calls them to order. Dodo is always hidden, feared and revered all at once. The mere mentioning of its name corrects the behaviours of cantankerous kids in every home.

In the political terrain of Zamfara State, we have had a growing menace of political failures and upstarters, a menace that triggered the coalition of the wrong collectives who have, incidentally, swooped up the scene and have spread their smelly shit all over the place for a long time.

The emergence of Bello Muhammad as he looked “inwards” rather than “outwards” was seen as a good omen considering his progressive, honest and consistent approach to the game in Zamfara State. He was outwards because he opted, for a long time, to represent the people in Abuja and fight for their right at the Federal level. He was now inwards because, having done well for eight years, he thought it wise to come back and serve at home.

Now, his coming back home created the fear, the apprehension and confusion on the part of these upstarters. They experienced the exact effect of the “coming” of Dodo to cantankerous kids in the house, justifying the nickname aptly applied to him by the chain of youth in the state who saw him as the demystifying vehicle to wrong politics played for years in the young Zamfara State.

Yes, Dr Bello Matawalle proved this point when he ceremoniously wrenched power from the the arrogant and the misfits in a much publicised and very uncommon happenstance. Since that time, they have not only withdrawn into their shells, but have been licking their wound which invariably bly failed to heal.

But of recent, they have started rearing their swollen faces and coughing out their worst. They misfired. They selected their best to rubbish Matawalle. And in their bid to rubbish Matawalle, they abused the law and fell into the ditch they dug for vendetta. Now, they are crying for the President to come and bail them out. But, then, party politics aside, Mr President is a patriotic citizen and a real democrat. Mr President is also completely with Dodo on all count because he has done for Zamfara in six months is what his Party kinsmen failed to do in eight years.

It is time someone, somewhere, calls the attention of these political upstarters to come to terms with the glaring fact that the name Dodo cannot be demystified. Dodo remain the terror of mischievous children and will always be. Matawalle remain the nightmare of political misfits in Zamfara State and will continue to be so for a long time to come!

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