It has come to our notice that the APC in the state has today, “reacted” to the suspension of the District Head of Kanwa in Zurmi Emirate, Alhaji Bello Kanwa, and, once again, shamelessly likened the action to political vendetta.

The APC in a media report, said he was suspended because he stood as surety in the bailing of their Party chieftains who are standing trial with the Police on issues bordering on security.

Indeed, the traditional ruler was co-incidentally suspended at a period when the two chieftains of the APC were granted bail, but it remains a cheap and malicious insinuation to link the act to the traditional ruler’s participation in the bail of the two politicians.

To put the records straight, the traditional ruler was accordingly suspended for reasons bordering on security matters in his dormain and full investigation can only be possible by this act.

It is important at this juncture to advise the APC to desist from its repeated manipulation of security issues to score political goal as their similar past actions have not paid them with their desired result.

Most significantly, the said APC officials, are not in anyway significant as to attract such a weighty response from the state Government as the Party has alleged.

The state Government will no longer fold its arms and watch misguided individuals in the name of politics continue to dangerously mix the affairs of state and their dirty politics.

It is also pertinent to draw the attention of the APC in the state to the fact that the said party chieftains are still in court and it will amount to contempt of court for the officials of the Party to Continuously pass verdict on every procedure regarding the charged party officials.

Zailani Bappa

Special Adviser

Public Enlightenement Media and Commubication


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