His Excellency, Zamfara State Executive Governor Hon Dr. Bello Mohammed MON (Matawallen Maradun) has again welcomed the Chairman of Zurmi local government Councils Hon. Ahmad Awwal Bawa Moriki along with four (4) of his Councillors of Boko,Kwashabawa,Moriki and Yanbuki/Dutsi Hon. Zubairu Mohd Boko, Hon. Sagiru Dadi Kwashabawa, Hon. Isah Ibrahim Kwangwami and Hon. Sadisu Abubakar Imam respectively.

Governor Matawalle said the decision of the Zurmi Council Chairman Dr. Ahmad Awwal Bawa Moriki to join the Peoples Democratic Party is a wise one and timely for the continued development of the state.

Matawalle added that Honourable Awwal Bawa is a politician whose contribution to the development of Zamfara can not be quantified.

The Governor also promised to give all the decampees equal treatment within the party so that they can equally contribute towards the development of Zamfara State economically, Socially and Politically.

He also appealed for continued support to his administration’s peace process which is already yielding positive result in the State.

He further said that his administration has been giving top priority in addressing the Security challenges which faced the State for almost a decade so that the citizens can live peacefully while government works to bring the dividends of democracy to them.

Earlier while making his decision known in joining the ruling PDP, Hon Ahmad Awwal Bawa Moriki said he led his Council members to Government House to formally inform the Governor of their resolve to join PDP from the opposition APC in the State.

The Chairman said they were attracted by the Governor Matawalle’s leadership qualities of inclusiveness and justice to all people irrespective of their political affiliations.

He maintained that the Governor since assumption of office in May, 2019 in the State, record tremendous successes in terms of tackling insecurity which resulted in the Peace currently being enjoyed by all and sundry.

Dr Awwal said within the short period of time and with Allah’s guidance, Governor Matawalle restored the lost glory of Zamfara State and enshrined total peace and unity through genuine dialogue.

For this, he pointed out, the governor needs to be unconditionally supported by all well meaning citizens of the State which was why they found it necessary to join the Governor in that direction.

He also promised to copy the leadership style of Governor Matawalle of simplicity, Justice and tolerance while leading his citizens in Zurmi local government.

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