AS THE TIDES MOVES AWAY By Abdulkadir Sulaiman.

Former Governor Abdulazeez Yari is one politician who is extremely deficient in weighing the pros and cons of bitter opposition. When he lost power in a land mark judgement that brought in Governor Bello Matawalle, he opted to initiate bitter politics, the consequences of which he never envisaged.

Governor Matawalle did not come into the Government House with the grudge of anyone. In fact, he came in, full of appreciation to God Almighty for giving him the opportunity to actualize his dream on the people of Zamfara state in a very miraculous way. He was prepared to carry everyone on board to actualize the Zamfara Dream.

In that regard, his first appointments cut across both his own political party, the PDP and the main opposition party the, APC and of course, other parties in the state as well as non partisan professionals, including non indigenes, all in the bid to actualize the Zamfara Dream.
Indeed, this is rather a vast and highly sophisticated view than can only be appreciated by discerning minds.

However, his predecessor (not the APC), was a bitter man and was leading a bitter team. Majority of APC members believed the verdict that brought in Matawalle was an act of God. And they surrendered to the Will of God. Many of them were ready to join hands in building a new Zamfara of our majority dream. But Yari opted, in the cold morning of the day, to initiate a bitter fight against the new administration with the intent to make it fail. He began a media fight; he sought to drive local government chairmen on collusion course with the government and he instituted regular political rallies in Talata Mafara where his camp meets and publicly deride the Government.

For many months on, Governor Bello Mohammed has not looked the way of Yari. He pre-occupied himself with the issues of governance. But Yari used his social media activists to attack every initiative of the Government. Matawalle’s silence envigorated them to go as far as to the extent of eavesdropping on his family!

Now, Matawalle is not fighting back, but providence is ever on his side. Those hawks used in nasty media campaigns are getting into collusion course with the law and are being lawfully arrested and incarcerated. Those media organisations used against his administration are fast separating between the corn and the chaff and the social media activists used against him are fast becoming silent.

The worst blows are the decision by the local government Chairmen and their Councillors in the state to dump the lie and embrace the truth. This include the very Councillor representing Yari in his ward at Mafara. Now, the train is ready to move and very prominent Mafara politicians have started embarking like their colleagues elsewhere. Yari thus, becoming a habitual, discredited loser.

But then, he called for it. Every politician who has the interest of Zamfara state at heart has warned him to desist from bitter opposition in the early years of governance. Every sensible opposition politician has gone low at this hour as it is the right thing to do. Yari chose otherwise and is now internally beginning to regret his poor decision born out of bitterness.

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