September 22, 2023

Group to Yari: Face your travails, stop distracting Matawalle

The Arewa Progressive Front has warned former Zamfara State Governor Abduaziz Yari and his men to cease distracting Governor Bello Matawalle and asked him to face his travails instead.
The Group while noting that Yari has persisted in interfering with affairs of the state, advised him to concentrate on what it called, “his mounting challenges wrought by his bad luck, excessive greed greed and selfishness.”
The warning was contained in a statement signed by the Group’s President, Sahabi Tanko who said Yari appears to be haunted by the ghosts of dark days as governor of Zamfara state.
“The ex-governor Yari appears to be tormented by the brutal reality that within a short period, Governor Matawalle is doing what he could not do in the whole of his wasted eight-year tenure.
” He is worried that Matawalle is successfully tackling the security challenges in the state which Yari allowed to linger unnecessary due to incompetence, deliberate lack of concern, inexperience or sheer ineptitude.
“In the short period of his assumption, Governor Matawalle has laid the foundation for meaningful development in the state with his empowerment programmes, education support and massive infrastructure development.
” We therefore urge the people of Zamfara to support their new Governor and refuse to be swayed by the antics of failed politicians bent on distracting the new focus for the state, ” the Group said.

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