February 8, 2023

Re- Matawalle should stop feeding zamfara people with lies about Supreme Court judgment review.

I was astonished to read a diabetic trash written by a faceless group, concerned Citizens of Zamfara, obviously representing a known pattern of Abdulazeez Yari’s crooked group of behind the scene fighters who lack basic knowledge and facts but abundance of foul language.

This time around, they sought to write on the oncoming court case in which their mentor is engineering a trial so much unknown to legal and sensible convention all in his desperate bid to return to relevance which he has since been disgraced out of. In groping for basis to insult His Excellency, Governor Bello Muhammad, and justify their writing, they based it on wicked and imaginary story that he accused their mentor of going after him.

They said Governor Bello Mohamned was lamenting the attempt by Governor Abdulazeez Yari to unseat him by meeting with some Judges, etc….. What a grandly sick conception and a melted mental capacity these group of Concerned Citizens have!

In the first instance, Governor Bello Muhammad did not talk politics when he visited the Airport site yesterday. In fact, he was there only for a few minutes to inspect the progress of work and left. Matawalle is not afraid of Yari and will deride him any moment he crosses his way and Yari is well aware of this and has been keeping away in his miserable cocoon of recent. This group must not Re-expose him to the wrath of Governor Matawalle who has since decided to forget of his existence.

On the judgement adjourned to the 2nd of March, 2020, Governor Matawalle is highly comfortable with the limbo period, but Yari is obviously worried and extremely jittery. Recall the episode that happened in Court the last time. The Supreme Court openly derided the Prosecution team and even a lay man will tell you how it is stupidly desperate to pursue this case which is obviously dead in its take off. But then, how can the lawyers not make more money out of acclaimed desperado? The lawyers are obviously saying, “mu wanki gara”.

It is therefore, not a surprise that a desperate man who lost all ground for success will resort to foul language through this faceless group by calling the Governor all sort of names. But what is obvious is that Governor Matawalle is not a “politically dropping man”, but Yari is; by all yardstick of measuring failure in Zamfara politics he is. Yari has permanently been retired by Matawalke and he has since “touched the ground”, and will soon be dead and out. Obviously for you, Concerned Citizens of Zamfara, the body will be there for you to Bury!

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