September 22, 2023


It is no news that the Abdulazeez Yari Camp of the APC in Zamfara state has engineered a court case in which a review of the Supreme Court judgement against him and all his unlawful candidates was sought. Thia is, nonetheless, acclaimed nationwide as an unconventional drive from a desperate party, unknown to judicial practice anywhere in the world.

During the first sitting on this case, however, the prayer was found to be bedeviled with a lot of legal and procedural blunders which partl informed the apex court to adjourn the case to the 3rd of March 2020, a date the case will come up once again for hearing.

It is noteworthy that His Excellency, Governor Bello Mohammed is unperturbed by this development because he is busy committed to the act of governance, finding ways and means to better the lit of Zamfarans than to bother with the wailing of a prodigal child who wantonly spilt his milk. After all, the apex court sealed its judgement by dismissing the very first attempt to ask for a reversal of its judgement in the first place.

Jittery and desperate as the prosecution were, they tried hard to create a scenario after the first hearing barely a week ago. This was what I personally witnessed even as the security operatives earlier stopped everyone from entering the premises of the Court. But their fatal attempt was tactically ignored and avoided by supporters of His Excellency Governor Bello Mohammed.

It is therefore, not a surprise that the same supporters of Abdulazeez Yari are alleging a grand attempt to impersonate them and create a scenario on the 3rd of March by supporters of Governor Matawalle.

They are circulating in the social media that MATAWALLE’S Government has ordered the production of singlets with APC inscription to be distributed to hired Youth who will wield dangerous weapons and attend the court proceedings with the attempt at tarnishing the so-called image of their Party and to pitch them against the law.

It is pertinent at this juncture to warn that this falsehood must be desisted by the perpetrators and that Governor Matawalle is a winner and a leader and has no reason to be a bandit or encourage banditry. In fact, he is reputed as the killer of banditry in ZAMFARA state and its environs.

Hence, the Nigerian Security must investigate this trumped-up allegation and fully deal with the matter for the good of all. We have full confidence that the Nigerian Security operatives cannot be hoodwinked by an amateur group of miscreants who want to create a scenario of the innocence to perpetrate mayhem. If they have concluded plans to disturb the peace come March the 3rd and are now smartly trying to find a scape-goat in our supporters, the Security must unravel this cleverness and deal with the matter before the D-day arrives.

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