Gov. Matawalle vows to eliminate bandits as village head and 13 others got rescued

Governor Bello Mohammed (Matawallen Maradun) has promised to eliminate remnants of unrepentant bandits just as Village head of Wuya and 13 others were rescued from their kidnappers today.

Governor Matawalle, while receiving the rescued persons from the State Commissioner of Police, Usman Nagogo, said the government has changed its strategy on the peace process where unrepentant bandits will now face the wrath of the security.

“We have now arranged with the Military to resume full operations on unrepentant bandits wherever they are”, Matawalle revealed.

“Moreover, we have so far, arrested seven informants who are already in our custody. Anyone found to be an informant for the bandits will face the wrath of our administration. Those seven will be taken to Abuja to face the music”, Governor Matawalle added.

The Governor reiterated his administration’s stand on banning the “Yan Sa Kai” volunteer group. He warned that any traditional leader found to be supporting the activities of the outlawed group will lose his throne.

Governor Matawalle ordered for the medical chek – up and treatment of the rescued persons before they are allowed to finally Re-unite with their families

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