February 23, 2024

Italy arrest Doctor for intentionally killing over 3,000 coronavirus patients


An Italian doctor at the center of the country’s fight against coronavirus has been charged with murder after authorities found out that he is responsible for over 3,000 coronavirus-related deaths.

Dr. Sergio Kerr, who is a known member of the Italian opposition Democratic Party, is found to have ignored the approved medical procedures for treating coronavirus patients. A state prosecutor tells court that Dr. Sergio administered Benadryl, Ditropan and doxepin which are anticholinergic medications which worsen pneumonia.

Patients suffering from Pneumonia who are put on anticholinergic medications die within a seven-day period.

Italy has 106,128 coronavirus cases with over 12,000 deaths. The European country has recorded the highest number of deaths since the pandemic.

Coronavirus pandemic continues to escalate across Europe. Germany, the European Union’s largest economy, has banned meetings of more than two people in public for the next two weeks to contain the spreading virus. Exceptions will be made for people who live together and for work-related gatherings.

Europe is in a state of lockdown as the epicenter of the global pandemic has shifted from China to countries like Italy, Spain, Germany and France. These countries, the largest economies in the EU, have closed all nonessential shops, bringing economic life on the continent to a standstill.

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