Governor Bello Mohammed (Matawallen Maradun) has ordered for the demolition and arrest of owners of a house suspected to be a center of cultist activity and sorcery.

The House, located at Unguwar Dallatu qwaters behind New Motor Park was earlier raided in the day where items strongly indicating the use of black magic were found.

The items found included blood in a calabash, a tiny human doll, a small clay container filled with charcoal, another clay container filled with a powdered substance, several pieces of papers with the names of prominent politicians scribbled on it in Arabic letters and a clay container with yet, another substance pieced with several needles standing on it.

Earlier today, the state Commissioner of Police told journalists in his office that his men will dig into the matter and find the owners of the House and those behind the heinous activities in the it.

Governor Matawalle said his administration will not allow the perpetration of any anti social activities that negate the Sharia law in the state.

He said the action of his government on this matter will send a good signal those who deviate and practice black magic in the state. It would be recalled that recently, pages of the Holy Quran was dumped in the pit latrine and twice two of the township burial grounds was set ablaze all in a manner indicating the accult.

Zailani Bappa
Special Adviser
Pub. Enlightenment, Media and Communications.

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