You can say that her sound brings life to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imaginations and liveliness to bless and lift souls at the hearing of her sound, her music is a therapy for mankind. From a point of zero experience driven by passion and determination; we have seen the rise of an Afro-Pop musician Abimbola Badmus better known as Queen MaDiva, I like to call her the screen goddess. She is one young and vibrant artist who knows her onions and craft.

Queen MaDiva, a powerful performer some music lovers will reckon with in a twinkle of an eye with her sonorous and energetic voice. The beautiful songstress’ fast rising profile in the music industry was unanticipated from being a TV Host, A Prolific Actress, A Production Expert amongst other professions she practices.
MaDiva is a party starter that have been keeping people grooving in the city of Lagos and beyond. She’s a vibe machine that keeps both day or night social gatherings yearning aside the collectiveness of her ever ready and skillful music band, – The ‘’QUEEN MADIVA BAND’’ led by Queen Ma Diva.
In a chat with broadcast journalist Tee Abiola Oduola fondly called Sean Polotee, MaDiva revealed she planned to surprise her fans and music lovers with new single titled “DAMILOHUN” on her birthday 3rd of June 2020. It was recalled that she earlier this year planned campus tours but was halted due to covid-19 outbreak leading to lockdown, nonetheless, she hasn’t succumbed to the pressure as rumor has it that she is working tirelessly to make the campus tour a reality to promote her forthcoming debut album and we just might be expecting more singles off it soon. The powerful vocalist who also doubles as an instrumentalist is highly versatile with the fusion of Afro-pop High-life Juju Repertoire is a joy to behold on stage. In her words, ‘’My Passion for Music is beyond me myself, I perform any genre of music. I don’t want to be pinned to any style. I want to be known as a simply awesome and formless, that is my brand, The Queen MaDivas Brand’’. You can keep up with her via her social media handles Twitter & Instagram: @officialmadiva, Facebook: Bimbo BADMUS MaDiva and her fan page: MADIVA.

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