Gov. Bello Matawalle: Harbinger of Peace and Development In Zamfara- 365 Days Of Landmark Achievement in Governance


bello Matawalle
Providence sometimes positively intervene in the affairs of an individual or people to bring to pass God’s divine puporse to better the lives of those He has in mind. For the people of Zamfara State North West Nigeria, the Divinely inspired emergance of Honorable Gov Bello Matawalle as the legally elected governor of the state was one of such divine interferance.

Before the judicial pronouncement that declared Matawalle as the duly elected governor of Zamfara State, the retroggressive forces that had held Zamfara State to ransome for almost a decade had already perfected their sinister plot to maintain their grip on power to continue impoverishing the beleaguared people of the state but God thought otherwise, He came to the rescue and their plans were thwarted by bello Matawalle miraculous victory.
Before the coming of bello Matawalle, Zamfara State was not just the last state in Nigeria by alphabeticall oder but also the least in developmental indices. The last administrstion had even raised the bar in terms of under performance and an administration. Ignorance was given a place of honour or how will you discribe a situation where a 21st century governor alleging that the pendemic death of his people from a disease that is preventable by simple immunization was God punishing them for their sins as ex governor Yari once declared? He had conviniently forgotten that Harpethitis that was ravaging the state had a field day because his administration had by ommission or commission encouraged the ignorant citizens to hide their children from immunization. Even at the same time, Zamfara State despite being one of the least populated states in Nigeria with just about three million people was leading in the number of out of school children, the health sector was in shambles.While this treaties is not meant to disparage past administrations in the state, this background is neccessary if we must appreciate the unprecedented achievements Governor Bello Matawalle has recorded in the governance of Zamfara State in just one year.
For any avoidance of doubt, let us start by objectively looking at these achievements sector by sector starting with security which was at the lowest mark in the state in 2019 when Matawalle resumed office due to the divisive tedencies of the immidiate past administration in Zamfara State.bello Matawalle
Haven achieved this much in such a short time, there is no doubt that the good people of Zamfara State are in for better years ahead in terms of people oriented and developmental governance that will usher a new dawn in Zamfara. With the wide level of acceptance and appreciatilon Gov. Matawallle currently enjoys in Zamfara State, it is a given treasure that the people of Zamfara will massively endose and collectively return Matwalle for a well deserved second term in office to perfect his reformation agenda in Zamfara and maintain the current peace and effective governance in the state as been witnessed presently in the agrarian state.Bello Matawalle
Matawalle has adequately and unequivocally shown that is administration does not intend to ponder to the whims of anybody or forces to the interest of his people one incidence…., that really simplified this mindset was the issue of the humorous pensions the former governor had awarded him self in the twilight of his tenure. Though Governor Matawalle had magnanimously paid the former governor the staggaring 4 millon monthly pension

ONE YEAR achievement


Governor Bello Matawalle having come on board as the legitimate governor of Zamfara State met a very terrible security situation. Without any waste of time, he has since been confronting the menace with great valour using his versatile experience as former Chairman House Committee on Security and Intelligence for four good years. He started with hectic days of meetings with key stakeholders, different security outfits, from the National Police Headquarters, Abuja, meeting with the IG of police, meeting with the President Muhammad Buhari and the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, meeting with the Ex Minister of Defense, traditional leaders, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) leaders and CJTF and other key stakeholders. With every consultation, a fact stands out that the crisis has taken ethnic dimensions most especially after the creation of predominantly Hausa ‘Yan Sa-Kai vigilante groups by the former governor.

The vigilante groups only made the situation worse by taking laws into their hands through extra judicial killing of the Fulani in market places. This only aggravated the already volatile situations breeding more inter-tribal enmity.

Moreover, it is obvious that the rural areas and nomadic settlements have been relegated educationally and economically and this situation creates an avenue for high rate of crimes. This informs the government’s decision to provide schools, clinics and earth dams for them. This is how the idea of Rural Grazing Areas (RUGA) comes up as one of the solutions.

It is worth taking into cognizance that by the use of force through non-professional means only led to creation of many criminals of necessity in situations where innocent people were killed and their relatives join the bandit syndicate to engage in reprisal attacks against another settlements.

Thus, conflict resolution techniques which involves truce comes into effect with the government first ordering the ‘Yan Sa-Kai local militia to release Fulani captives in their hands and that actually paved way for negotiation which led to the release of many captives from the bandits. The following is the chronology of the releases of abductees:

The Zamfara State Government has secured the release of twenty five Fulani abductees through the diplomatic approach initiated by His Excellency Governor Bello Matawalle. The abductees who were held hostages since 9th April, 2019 in Dansadau Emirate of Maru local Government area of the state were mostly women and children.
Bello Matawalle

bello Matawalle
The Zamfara State Government has secured the release of fifteen more abductees through the government initiated truce by His Excellency Governor Bello Matawalle. The abductees released were 13 men and 2 aged women.

The Zamfara State Government initiated truce has again led to the release of eleven more people abducted more than eight weeks ago. His Excellency Governor Bello Matawalle MON received the released persons which include five men, three women and three children who were released from bandits captivity from Maradun, Kaura Namoda and Shinkafi local Government areas.

The Zamfara State governor, His Excellency (Dr) Bello Matawalle has today received eight more people freed by bandits following the peace deal initiated by the state government. The freed persons who hailed from Mai-Awaki village of Dan Sadau, Maru Local Government area were three
female and six five males held captives for four months.

His Excellency Governor Bello Matawalle officially handed over the Seven freed abductees from Sokoto State to the Commissioner of Career and Security Matters, Sokoto State. They regained their freedom through the peace treaty initiated by Zamfara State Government.

The Zamfara state executive Governor, Hon. (Dr) Bello Matawalle has again received 4 more captives from the state Commissioner of Police, CP Usman Nagoggo who were released unconditionally by the bandits.The four captives released by the bandits all men were abducted from Mutunji and Magama villages under Dansadau Emirate Council of Maru local government area 38 days ago.

Matawalle Secures Release of Ten Foreign Nationals

The Korean National, Dr Jongson Eel who was abducted 7 months in Zamfara State, was released unconditionally to His Excellency the Executive Governor, (Dr) Bello Muhammad (Matawallen Maradun) as part of the peace process taking place in the state.

Gov. Bello Mohammed

No fewer than ten rescued victims of human trafficking from Zamfara were handed over to the state government today at the Government House. The rescued victims were received by the Secretary to the State Government, Alhaji Bala Bello Maru representing His Excellency Governor Bello Matawalle.

Five kidnapped victims were also rescued from Gidan Jaja axis and reunited with their families.

No fewer than 14 victims of kidnapping regained their freedom from bandits including the District Head of Wuya Alhaji Umaru Usman following efforts made by His Excellency Governor Bello Muhammad (Matawallen Maradun) to secure their release. The freed captives all hail from villages in Anka Local Government Area, ten of them from Yar Tasha, three from Wuya and one from Ruwan Zabo.

These releases and several others not captured here for time constraints cumulatively totalled about 800 rescued kidnapped victims. With relative peace attained in many volatile areas, more than 25,000 displaced persons returned to their settlements.


Bello Mohammed

1. Weapons surrendered by bandits who embraced peace. One Military LMG (Light Machine Gun), two MM guns, one Ak47 and ten rounds of 7.62mm of live ammunition.


2. Another cache of arms recovered which comprises of 240 assorted weapons both locally made and sophisticated ones.


2. More arms recovered through the peace accord:

1. AK-47 rifle with breech No. 701883/1988 with 4 rounds of live ammunition

2.AK-47 rifle with breech No. 56/1210035/00

3.AK-47 rifle with breech No. 0701421

4. Light machine gun (LMG) rifle breech number erased

5.AK-47 rifle with breech No.35372

6. FN rifle breech No. 167119

7. FN rifle with breech No.212108

8. Ten (10) rounds of live ammunition

9. AK-47 rifle with breech No.1141 with empty magazine

10. AK-47 rifle with breech No.1975 with empty magazine”


Procurement of vehicles for operations and other logistics.

Bello Matawalle education

1. Governor Bello Matawalle approved the promotion of 6709 primary school teachers who have 5 to 7 years unsettled backlogs of promotion and these have settled in September 2019.

2. Governor Bello Matawalle awarded contracts for the construction of 613 primary school classrooms across the state and the renovation of 342 others and equiping them with 14810 desks and chairs, 962 desks for staff and modern ICT centers. The sum of 4.5 billion has been earmarked for the project.

3. Procurement of 2000 mattresses for GGUSS Kotorkoshi and fencing and renovation of the school.

4. Governor Bello Matawalle reinstates 556 teachers employed and dumped by the previous administration.

5. Complementing Governor Bello Matawalle’s effort in education, the First Lady sponsored the scholarship of 41 orphans.

6. Bello Matawalle visited TETFund, and secured One Billion Naira Intervention for Abdu Gusau Polytechnic, Talata Mafara and Enlistment of ZAMSU.

7. Sponsoring foreign Scholarship for 200 students for undergraduate studies in Engineering, Medical Courses etc in India, Cyprus, Sudan etc.

8. Kick-started UBE pilot scheme for the construction of International Standard Primary School in Maradun.

Gov bello Mohammed

1. Procurement of 17 Ambulances distributed to Gen Hospitals in the state.

2. Procurement of rural Tricycle Ambulances

3. Renovation of Kagara hospital

4. Award of contract for the completion of Shinkafi Orthopedic Hospital

5. Procurement of ventilators, test kits, patient monitors and other live-saving gadgets for Covid19 and zero contact booth testing equipments.

6. Construction of Damba Infectious Disease Hospital

7. Award of contracts for the construction of 147 primary health centres in each wards and procurement of beds for all the facilities.

8. Revived a contract for the completion of Shinkafi Orthopedic Hospital at a new agreed cost of 2.7bn Naira.

9. Governor Bello Matawalle empowered the Zamfara State Drugs and Medical Consumables Management Agency with necessary inputs to produce drugs.


Having created a viable environment for investment by ensuring security and the general safety of investors, employing open-door approach by Governor Bello Matawalle, many countries and NGOs now acknowledge the regained peace, serenity in Zamfara State and the efficient leadership and offer to contribute in developing entrepreneurial skills for youth employment and investment in Zamfara.

Governor Bello Matawalle has been showcasing Zamfara’s Investment potentials in the global horizon from the US during the 2019 United Nations General Assembly (UNGA74) to Russia-Africa Economic Summit and his tour to China from 23rd-24th December 2019.

During the series of the UNGA74 in September 2019 side events, Governor Matawalle had a meeting with business moguls and delivered a paper at African Investment Summit titled, “The Investment Climate and the Market of Zamfara State: The Opportunities for International Investment Partnership”, the paper which highlights Zamfara’s investment potentials in mining, agriculture and industrialization.

During the Russia-Africa Economic Summit in Sochi which took place from October 23rd-25th 2019, Governor Bello Matawalle who was part of the presidential entourage had several bilateral meetings with investors in Sochi, Russia in his relentless bid to engage them in mutually beneficial investment in solid minerals, agriculture, health and industries in Zamfara State.

In Beijing China, he wooed Chinese investors for a win-win partnership in solid minerals sector of the state.
Addressing business moguls during the “China Congress on Mineral Resources And Material Whole Industry Chain Summit” held in Beijing in December 2019 Governor Matawalle told the prospective investors of the special opportunities awaiting them in the solid mineral sector of the state, pointing out that 50% of the 34 minerals listed on Nigerian soil are found in Zamfara State some of which are gold, zinc, columbine, silver, gypsum, limestone, copper, tantalite and barite among others. All these minerals, he said, have mining fields scattered across the state without sophistication and the technological standard to give maximum benefit. He lamented, for instance how in the last 100 years, the gold mined in the state did not exceed 91,000kg. The governor vowed to provide added incentives for the prospective investors in addition to the excellent provision of protection laws by the Nigerian state.

Back in the state,
Governor Bello Matawalle lays foundation for the construction of 9 billion Naira 3-Star Hotel under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreement between Zamfara state government and Finesse and Esthetics Nigerian Limited. Delivering his inaugural speech, Matawalle said:

“I promise to create enabling environment for foreign and indigenous investors in the state which will in turn open more employment opportunities of various categories to our people.

This joint venture will create about 3,000 jobs in the state while the hotel itself will provide a serene environment to our investors so that they can be comfortably accommodated whenever they are in the state.

“Similarly, the state is also missing many Federal and International conferences, workshops, retreats and a host of many engagements which require luxurious accommodations.

The 100 Keys Paradise Hotel which will meet international standards will be managed by Amber Hospitality Services Limited while the project is expected to be completed in 30 months.”

To explore investment opportunities in tourism Zamfara State government in collaboration with the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC), agreed to develop, market and promote the Kwatarkwashi rock which has high potentials to boost local investment in the region, creating employment for the immediate local economy through tourism.

In October 2019 Zamfara state government signs an MoU with African Export-Import Bank (AFREXIM Bank ), Secures 1 Billion US Dollar Investment Input to facilitate trade and industry through revival of cotton production, animal husbandry, beef processing company and exploring opportunities in minerals and water resources.


Governor Bello Matawalle is giving Gusau metropolis a new face proving beyond any doubt that he is composed, focused and not distracted by the political refractions. Even with a lean purse depleted to emptiness by the previous administration, he struggles to keep head above water. A cursory look at the following projects speaks volumes:

1. Completion of Canteen Daji Area road rehabilitation.

2. Construction of Kwanar Inno Doya Sabon Gari Road via Sarkin Tasha Mosque, Sardauna Bread linking up to Late Ladan Mada House….

3 Construction of road from Old motor park near Auwal Bread beside railway linking up to CIS linking up to Government House road opposite Jifatu Supermarket.

4. Construction of a suburban close along Kantin Sauki line via the house of Liman Dan Alhaji Sambo, linking up to Emir’s Palace Mosque. Kanwuri Gusau.

5. T/wada Sabuwar Hanya construction of road down to Tsamiya Masaka linking up to Koramar Boko House also linking up to Sunny Fast Food.

Moreover, Governor Bello Matawalle’s Rural Transformation Scheme is the reincarnation of Directorate of Food, Roads and Rural Infrastructures (DFRRI) of 1986 as other projects are in progress in many rural areas among which are:

6. Danmarke

7. Kadaddaba

8. Ruwan Doruwa

9. Kanoma

10. Gwaram

11. Yardanya


1. Under ZSIP empowerment programme 6600 youth were recruited and their stipends are being paid monthly.

2. Women Empowerment. Six month into the programme, 11,800 women benefitted and another 5000 during Ramadan.

These and many more remarkable achievements have been realised in one year. Alhamdulillah! Congratulations Barden Hausa (Dr) Bello Muhammad (Matawallen Maradun).

It was not long that considering the state finances, there was no way this could be sustainable if he is to deliver his electoral promises to his people and so he ordered that the payment be stopped. The ex governor shamelessly took embrace at this and accuse the governor of starving him of his due. The principled man that he is, Gov Matawalle refused to be blackmailed or intimidated. He was the seeked legislative action and had the pension repelled. This is a sure sign that Matawalle remaining first tenure these years will be as eventfull and rewarding for the people of Zamfara State. Congratulations to the hard working peoples governor

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