December 9, 2022



You cannot give significance if you don’t already have it. You cannot lead people where you have not gone yourself ” Dr. Myless Munroe ”

“Leadership is influence John Maxwell “

Training in leadership really means training in attitude because attitude has to do with how we respond to life. We must think, talk, walk, dress, act, respond, decide, plan, work, relate , and live like a leader.
As such , 17th October, 2020 was another remarkable day in the calendar of State High School Alimosho , Old Students Association as the stakeholders holds retreat for the newly elected executive that will pioneer the affairs of the association for the next session . A day retreat also involved students and the school prefects and quest speakers which apparantely does justice to paper on Leadership, Capacity Building, and Communication skills.
In an interview with some past executive and speakers allied with the paper presented .

Alhaja Ramat Olawunmi Akinola , 1991 set of State High School said, True leaders are distinguished by a unique mental attitude that emanates from an internalised discovery of self . This creates self worth and a strong positive confident self – concept. Alhaja Ramat advice the students on board to see the Aunmini as a mentor and key into the association vision for greater networking.

Hon Adejere Afolabi a product of SHS 1990 set. Former executive, two time commitee chairman for love feast 200 – 2001 respectively . Hon. Afejere disclosed that , the essence of this retreat is to give insight of what the Association is about. To expose the newly elected EXCOS to their mandate and drive it accordingly.

Comr. Olaleye Adeleye of 1990 set said , today’s generation hold tomorrow . society is about give and take , what we receive from years back . time has come to give back to school and the journey had began. Comr. Adeleye advised students to be committed to their academy to ensure they finish well and be part of the association.

Engr. Adefemi Afolabi NSE, The head prefect of 1991 set , “Presented a paper on Leadership building” quote leadership is an Influence by John Maxwell. The attitude of passion is an indispensable attribute of leadership and serves as the driving force of motivation that sustain the focus of the leader. Engr. Afolabi said, Everything about Leadership heads to attitude, positive attitude can heads the association to a greater heights. Also bad attitude drained the association completely . stay on the positive thinking, for true leaders do not seeks power but are driven by a passion to achieve a noble cause.

According to Alhaji ( Hon) Rashid Kilani , a practical politician who spoke on communication techniques details the newly elected EXCOS that communication is Paramount in every organization . as such, inability to communicate effectively meaning as an appointed time can deform the assocition. information are to be given out to the members with honor. Hon Kilani also stressed that , Leadership communication attitude is more concerned with fully expressing itself than with attempting to proves itself to others. The true spirit of Leadership cultivates a self-control that regulates one’s focus and orders one’s life. He advice them to be careful with choice of words , tasks them to be discipline in their lifestyle because many are looking up to them as a leader. Leaders don’t just dream , they awaken and commucate their dreams . Alhaji Afolabi said.

The high point of the event was the delivering of a goodwill message by the past principal of the schools Mrs C O Atanda who was ably represented by Mrs Mary Oluranti Abiodun an old student and past exco of the great Association. In her speech the principal congratulated the students on the successful hosting of the retreat,she enjoined the students to always seek for the good of the school,to continue to be a good ambassador of the school and never forget the good virtues the school has instilled in them.She reminded all present that the whole essence of the old student association is to give back,to the school,the teachers and themselves ,their immediate society at large.She said she is proud of all the old student and prays that they will all continue to excel in their various fields of endeavors.

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