By Khalifa Ja’afar

Following the court order for the forfeiture of over N700 million traced from the different bank accounts of Ex-Governor Yari, some sycophants start evaluating the court order as a political witch hunt, forgetting all the evil, wicked and criminal lifestyle Yari and his evil mind bestowed on our darling state for eight years.

A.A Yari’s record book won’t be complete without mentioning his spiritual background, particularly his 2005 executive crime, when he was indicted with the same crime, for allegedly hidden the money in an overhead tank around his house premises, discovered and forfeited by the official EFCC.

Consequently, given a chance for the people like Yari to participate in politics and unfortunately elected him into the office of the state governor, is one of our grave mistake that led us to the most heartless movement in the history of democracy in the state. My Allah forgive me for voting A.A. Yari during the 2011 poll, I was really deceived.

I rhetorically asked myself, what offense did I and my fellow law abiding citizens, women, children and men commit for deserving such heartless leader, who turned himself to a meek lamb and suddenly turned into a gladiator few days after sworn in as a governor of the state.

He has looted the state blindly against all odds, with the intention to cripple state in to the quagmire of poverty, deprivation and morbidity. Thus, Zamfara state according to the report by the national bureau of statistics, has recorded the highest rate of poverty in the country as well as report by the United Nations which rated Zamfara as the world’s headquarter of poverty during his regime. Beside living in a multi-dimensional poverty, insecurity has ravaged the state. Killings, kidnapping, steeling, phone snatching and other crimes everywhere in the state.

We therefore, thank the almighty Allah for blessings Zamfara state with capable and knowledgeable leader, Dr. Bello Muhammad Matawallen Maradun who is working tirelessly to take us out of this menace, moving the state from poverty to prosperity.

May almighty Allah help our amiable governor in his trying to make our state forward, especially, in terms of security that some disgruntle politicians are trying to recruit bad eggs to disrupt and terrorise the state, due to their enmity against Zamfara and it’s citizens.

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  1. To hell with ur heartless ambition yo our great future man who put zamfara forward in the face of peoples even those that re not in zamfara state.

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