December 9, 2022



The Convener of COALITION OF NON-INDIGENES IN ONDO STATE, Mr. Austine Alaba Medaiyedu has appealed for calm and understanding from various agitation groups over the position of Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu on the trending issue of Succession vis-a-vis the Unity of our dear Country.
We want to categorically states that all the various Ethnic Nationalities in Ondo State are fully in support of the position of Governor Akeredolu on the UNITY of Nigeria. We believe in one indivisible Nigeria hence we supported his second term aspiration by voting for him so that we can live together in one entity called Nigeria.
As Non-Indigenes from different Ethnic Groups, we have no reason to agitate for Succession as our Interest are being protected under the administration of Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu in Ondo State.
We emphatically agreed with Governor Akeredolu that this uncoordinated agitation for Succession is just an attempt by some people to hijack power having failed at the polls.
“No part of the entire State, known and delineated as Ondo State, shall permit any gathering or agitation which may suggest, however remotely, that we are in support of unthinking rabble rousing. We will not be led to assured annihilation by anyone or a group of people still smarting from the electoral defeat of recent times and presumed exclusion from the process of decision making”
The Governor has our political mandate and he will decide the best for us

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