In the early hours of today Monday 9th August 2010. One of the Fearless upcoming Politician from Maradun Local Government the birth place of the Executive Governor of Zamfara state His Excellency Governor Bello Muhammad Matawalle of Zamfara State in the person of Hon. Ibrahim Maigandi popularly known as ( DAN MAIGANDI) granted an interview with the News Monthly Magazine where he discussed extensively about Maradun Politics.

*NMM:* Do you think Maradun APC as a party are one Family here in Maradun the birth place of Gov. Matawalle?

*Dan Mai Gandi* . As far as APC in Maradun is concern, I can confidently assure you that, we are one family pursuing one goal and that goal is to Support Gov. Matawalle, but you are free to go and ask any random question from the Street, I believe the answer will be the same.

*NMM* : But some people said that APC Members in Maradun are divided, how true is this?

*Dan maigandi* Smiling… Okay I have heard you, but if I may ask, Who are those people Claiming that Maradun APC is divided? And where Such people come from? Certainly not from Maradun, because the good people of Maradun are with Governor Bello Muhammad Matawalle 100% again, go and find out from the Masses?

*NMM* : Why I s your House is always filled to capacity with people through out?

*Dan Maigandi* … Ohh really? I think Maybe because they believed in our political ideology, you know very well that Gov. Matawalle can’t be everywhere therefore, some of us have to be on the ground to Assist him politically.

*NMM* : What advice do you have for Gov. Matawalle Supporters especially here in Maradun?

*Dan Maigandi* .. My only advice is that they should go and Revalidate their Party registers Cards , and continue to be one united and pray for Gov. Matawalle to succeed because his success is for the entire State.

*NMM* : Thank you Sir.

*Dan Maigandi* I am grateful and always happy to host you again and again

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