RE-Powerful Politicians In Aso Rock Sabotaging The War Against Banditry – Gov. Matawalle: A REJOINDER.


The attention of Zamfara state government has been drawn to an article with the above caption, where the article attempted to redicle the image, integrity and the cordial relationship between the government and Governor of Zamfara state, Hin (Dr) Bello Mohammedatawalle, Shatiman Sokoto.

If not for the purposes of putting the records straight to expose the sinister motives of the authors of this article and their paymasters, one would have ignored the ill-fated and misleading article alledgedly written by DAILY POST.

According to the article, Governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle ( Shatiman Sokoto accused….”some powerful politicians in the Aso Rock of sabotaging the war against banditry.”

In what appears to me as laughable joke, the blindfolded authors claimed that Daily post had a phone conversation with the Governor and again in Gusau. What a ridiculous reportage and or editing work. However, one would not be wondered, by this gimmick, since it is a fake news reportage.

How can one have a telephone conversation from another town and he is at the same time in Gusau? This is just a shear greed and mischievous attempt to redicle not only the personality of His Excellency, but also the art of journalism profession itself.

According to the fake news, which was written to tarnish the hard-earned image and reputation of His Excellency Governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle, Shatiman Sokoto, and to cause disharmany between the Governor and the presidency….. “the governor noted that bandits’ activities in the state have gone out of control, lamenting that all the measures he was implementing in the state were not bringing any positive results.” Said the fake news makers.

How can a governor who within just 100 days of his administration, was able to tackle a decade security challenge he inherited with the attendants consequences and backlog of billions naira debts, taking the state a complete one year without an iota of hitherto waves of attacks, killings, kidnappings and rustling of any kind throughout the state, can make such a statement?

The Zamfara state government therefore described this article as not only unfounded, but baseless and misleading with the intention of diverting Governor Matawale’s attention and focus from the recent well accepted attempt to find permanent solution to the lingering security challenges facing the state.

The pay-masters who are ardent conflict entrepreneurs politicians, who hellbent on seeing Zamfara in crisis, sponsored this fake news carrier medium to carry out the rumour mongering in response to the hailing by the general public, of the recent measures taken by the government of Zamfara state, in it’s efforts bring lasting peace in the state.

The conflict entrepreneurs politicians who were hitherto making move to instigate some hired youths from various part of the country to demonstrate against the government of President Muhammadu Buhari, are not happy with the new measures taken by the Zamfara state government, as it prevents them from carrying out the unpatriotic act in the state.

The government of Zamfara state under the able leadership of His Excellency governor Bello Matawalle, Shatiman Sokoto is ever grateful to the Almighty Allah for the wisdom and the courage given to the governor in the fight against banditry since his assumption in office.

His Excellency also remained grateful for the well-meaning advice being offered to him from the presidency and other critical stakeholders that helped him greatly in fine-tuning the policies and programmes of his government that are geared towards securing the lives and property of the good people of his dear state.

The efforts being put in place to find lasting solutions to the crisis is in consultation with the president and other top critical stakeholders in the the Aso Rock.

The Governor enjoyed the advice being offered to him from the presidency and has maintained cordial relationship with the presidency.

The government is not unaware of some politicians of Zamfara origin who are out there working against the efforts of the Gov and President Muhammadu Buhari to sabotaging the search for a lasting solution to the security challenges facing the state in particular and the country at large.

In the authors attempt to mislead the general public on the call by Matawalle on the Federal Government to implement his suggestion of declaring a state of emergency on security in the north, they failed to understand that the general public is already in the comprehension of what the governor meant.

On the issue of the Governor’s defection to the APC, the mischief makers were trying to mislead the general public. However His Excellency has already addressed the state in particular and the general public at large on his mission and reason to join the ruling party. Hence, no amount of mischief making and misleading press can convince the general public to believe in the fake news.

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