February 23, 2024

Ex Gov Yari Robs Peter To Pay Paul At Christmas.



After having looted Zamfara state almost to a state of financial coma, the former Governor of Zamfara state Yari, recently called on Christians in Zamfara and across the globe to use the Christmas Period to pray for lasting peace, Unity and Progress in Zamfara and the Country in General.

Yari is said to also have distributed five hundred bags of rice, fifteen Cows and One Million Naira Cash which he said to be a donation that is supposed to cushion the same hardship that Yari created for the Christian Community in the state during his 8 years cruel leadership in the state that impoverished many people.

If Yari had spent the money meant for the state on infrastructure and helping the people in the state to build businesses, many people would have by now had thriving businesses to hold on to, which would have been providing them money to feed their families.

So the ex governor who looted the resources of the people is now pretending to love them in their poor state! Yari made them poor, so that he can show them love in their poor state.

That is the mentality of bad leadership.

A constant customer of EFCC who does not even hide the fact that he was reckless as the number one man in Zamfara statewhile he was in the saddle as governor.

It is pathetic  that, “The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Received 400 Bags of Rice, 10 Cows and One Million Naira Cash; Igbo Wing of the APC, 40 Bags of Rice, 2 Cows; Igbo Progressives Forum, 40 bags of Rice, 2 Cows while Yoruba Community Received 20 bags of Rice and 1 Cow for the Christmas Celebrations.”

Shouldn’t the organisation had told Yari to his face that he should return the monies that he looted from the state?

Shouldn’t they have told him to account for all the stollen loot, all the money he embezzeled throughout the eight years he was governor in the state?

Yari should stop trying to play God with Zamfara looted funds. He should return the stollen funds to governor macaw alleged who needs the said funds to develop the state.

After having taken bonds which today has made it difficult for the government to pay civil servants in the state their due salaries, is it not expedient that the EFCC should immediately pick ex Gov Yari in order to collect some of the looted funds which he is now using to play god, and return same to government purse, so that urgent payment of civil servants in the state can be done and contractors that are presently owed by the government, can also be paid.

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