September 22, 2023


They do not understand why My President, Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, Commander-in -Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic has a chronic display of like, kindness and uncommon trust on My Governor, His Excellency, Dr Bello Mohammed (Matawallen Maradun, Shattiman Sakkwato, Barden Hausa). That simply remains a mystery to their narrow conception and a not-further-than-length of their noses vision. But the reasons are not far-fetched. Listen. Here’s why:

Among some qualities My President cherishes and respects which are common knowledge to many Nigerians is truthfulness. He wants honesty and consistency in it. He has, ab initio, found in My Governor an honest leader who is genuinely out to deal with the problems he inherited in the state. Mr President had to deal with leaders who brought instability and disaster to the hitherto, most peaceful state in Nigeria. Now, he’s glad he’s found a leader who is ready to help him deal with the filth left behind by these leaders.

Secondly, Mr President likes a leader with a vision and also the courage to pursue it. My Governor is the only Governor in the crisis ravaged states of the Federation who had the vision to transcend the borders of Nigeria to find the source of our crisis and try to address it. In total support to this effort of My Governor, My President gave him a grand pat-on-the back in this regard, as he provided him with his official jet to accomplish this task with the President of neighbouring Niger Republic, Alhaji Mohammed Bazoum, leader of the Country where the mass of weapons find their way into our region . This is the first of a kind gesture to any Governor in Nigeria.

Thirdly, My President displays uncommon likeness to My Governor due to his courage to challenge a selfish and feudal-like status quo in the state where some few people assume they own the land and are busy milking it to the detriment of the masses. My Governor said the wealth of Zamfara state is a common wealth and must be owned by the masses. This is a courageous challenge no leader was able to pose in the past. My President is internally pleased with this and is showing his graciousness in kind

Fourthly, Mr President dislikes leaders who interfere in his family affairs. Today, he has a leader in Zamfara state who respect the sanctity of his family unit and is not interfering in the affairs of his family.

Hence, with the cumulative reasons that culminated in this solid trust from My President to My Governor, the decision to come to Zamfara and condole with its citizens was announced by the President as a mark of confidence that the leadership and people of the state are now ready to end their problems. Those who did not have this confidence in their own time became agitated, threatened and, as usual, are trying to politicise it. They must demystify the elevated status of His Excellency by every means possible.

The decision by My President to postpone his visit to the state was maliciously and shamefully politicised. However, that does not deter My Governor’s resolve to pursue his vision and mission. At the same time, just like always, they will be shamed very soon when My President finally fulfils his promise and visit Zamfara state to condole with the people they hate to be condoled by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

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