The attention of the Zamfara State All Progressives Congress APC has been drawn to a childish claim by the self pronounced, self appointed Senator Kabiru Marafa political group publicity secretary in Zamfara, Bakyasuwa that he was attacked in the Zamfara High Court today where his group leader filed many cases at once against the ruling APC in the state.

Even before l say anything in form of countering these imaginary childish claims, Bakyasuwa should be ashamed for telling such open lies, because apart from my humble self having sat shoulder to shoulder with him during the short sitting, l personally saw him to his car where he left peacefully, both the security and media men that covered the sitting know there was no fracas, it is a known fact that such an attack could not have passed all the journalists who were there.

It is really rude, carlous and unfortunate to be telling lies and counter lies in an open case that didn’t happen like what Bakyasuwa said, but such is the behaviour of mannerless people.

To take this claimant by his press briefing paper which was prepared even before the court sitting, let me once again categorically state that there is no faction in the APC in Zamfara and even the thoughtless group that took the party to court knows that the members are not of the APC, l won’t dwell much on this because we will address it at the court.

Bakyasuwa forgot to state whose car his lawyer escaped to during the inexistent attack, or did the group leave its counsel to the said thugs, what happened to the counsel and remaining members of the group, they must be in the mogue by now after Bakyasuwa left.

I am still bewildered that one will be attacked and hit by political thugs yet, there will be no injuries, like he said, there was no injury sustained after being hit by the “hoodlums,” moreso, which one are we talking about, thugs or hoodlums, this is English and people know or have the right to be fed the truth.

He said, he overheard they want to eliminate him, unless he was soliloquizing, the lieing Bakyasuwa would have raised alarm on this threat to his life so that the planners would be arrested, so what happened that he didn’t, or perhaps he wants to wait till after he is eliminated.

The use of ‘anarchy’ by Bakyasuwa is also funny and he needs to be advised to check the meaning of words if he knows how to, before using them.

Since he saw the ‘thugs’ and knew it was not there place at the court premises, he should have drawn the attention of the security deployed to the court house or alert the court authorities to include in his prepaid working document.

If he thinks we sense failure at the court, he shouldn’t have fabricated those lies but wait for the ruling as we are doing, as law abiding citizens and party who never threaten Zamfara with banditry.

At the end, he has indicated that his members will carry arms to the court at the next sitting, so we advise that we should (both APC and the so-called group members) all submit ourselves to thorough search before we are allowed to be in court on the next adjourned date.

On fishing out his attackers, since he saw and knows them, the security agents should invite him to help them fish out his attackers even if they reside in his head only.

I wish to advise Bello Bakyasuwa to play politics with truthfulness and stop attaching their anticipated losses on our great party and the people’s governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle for them to cover their total failure.


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