The President of World Alliance Against Terrorism,Violence and Inhuman Treatment (WAATVIT) Dr Anthony Orunkoya Esq,a Legal Practitioner has Condemned the attack of the Abuja – Kaduna Rail line by terrorist which led to death of many Nigerians who were commuting on the train.He described the attack as a terrorist attack and blamed the Federal Government for its inability to manage the various security challenges in the country.Dr Orunkoya emphasised that the Federal Government should intensify efforts by seeking cooperation from developed countries like USA,UK and Germany in areas of Integrated Intelligence Surveillance Security to curb this incessant attacks by terrorists whom the Nigerian Press often time refer to as bandits.He reiterated that the economic pains which Nigerians are contending with due to inflation of essential goods and services is enough hardship and the woes of the common man should not be compounded with insecurity of lives and properties.Dr Anthony Orunkoya Esq warned that if the government fails to sincerely tackle insecurity in Nigeria,sooner or later everyone will bear fatal consequences as no place will be secured.The Human Rights Group through its President further posited that the group is strongly of the view that the suspicion that some highly placed Nigerian politicians are the brain behind the insecurity in Nigeria due to desperation for power and evil intent to turn the insecurity situations into a profit making venture might be true as it is difficult to believe that the various security agencies do not have classified information of the identity of those behind series of mayhem in the county.The group is considering a peaceful match in Nigeria in months to come in condemnation of the various insecurity in Nigeria and a detailed report of recommendations on how the insecurity in Nigeria can be checked will be presented to the Federal Government through appropriate authority for consideration.

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