Zamfara state government has ordered all hoteliers in the state to scrutinise all their guests by means of valid identification before admitting them into their hotels.


This is part of an expanded security council meeting decisions on monday, August 15th, 2022 in Gusau, the state capital.

The measure is to checkmate terrorists and criminals as part of the government efforts to tackle insecurity in the state, as government was very much concern over usage of hotels by terrorists and criminals to perpetrate their heinous activities in the state.

The government said any hotelier found violating the new order will have his hotel shut down and prosecuted according to the executive order recently signed by the state governor Dr Bello Mohammed Matawallen Maradun.

The marathon expanded security council meeting which lasted for eight hours also considered enforcing restriction on motorcycles movement in the state capital and environs from 9pm to dawn. The government ordered the security agencies to shoot at sight, any motorcycle rider who violates the order and refused to stop at security checking points within the designated areas.

The measure was taken by the security council following reports on the use of motorcycles by bandits and other criminals to perpetrate their criminal activities within the state capital and its out skirts.

Meanwhile, members of the public have been emplored to be vigilant in their localities and report to security agencies any suspicious persons or strange movements in their respective communities.

The state government would not take it lightly with any one found disturbing the peace and security of the people. Security of lives and property of the citizenry is a basic function of government anywhere and the government of Dr Bello Mohammed Matawalle Maradun is doing everything humanly possible in accordance with the laws of the land to ensure the discharge of this responsibility.

The security council also charged security operatives, particularly military and police to do more in combating banditry and other criminal activities in the state.
The government said although peace in now gradually returning to the state, there is the need for working synergy between and amongst the security operatives in the state.

Parents have also been charged to be alive to their responsibilities in proper upbringing of their children by close monitoring of their activities, especially the youths, to be useful members of the society.


Ibrahim Magaji Dosara
Hon Commissioner for Information

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