For quite sometime now, the main opposition PDP in Zamfara state has been relegated to the background in the political arena like a fish swept off the ocean, trying to grapple with what remains as life for its survival.

It is expected that those who are not learned in a field of endeavours especially in politics, should bury their pride and follow those with experience in order to know how to play the game well.

Due to its self inflicted inward crises and envy against the ever increasing followership of the APC in the state and by extension, in the country, the PDP’s activities in Zamfara is taking another dimension comparable to dementia, because at one point it’ll be an internal fight, at another, it’ll be attacking innocent people or the APC, may be for accommodating and treating fine, its aggrieved members who feel they can no longer bear the brunts that characterize it.

Yes, we can loudly say that the present governor of Zamfara and Matawallen Maradun, His Excellency Bello Mohammed has an amazing overwhelming following in Zamfara which is why when he denounced his membership of the PDP last year, the party went haywire and never knew peace again.

Its leaders started accusing one another of bad leadership and high handedness with some pulling out completely with their hundreds of supporters and joining the APC, this was followed by their candidates who were to stand election in the 2023 polls who also left at a time various groups and support associations were moving to the APC with their followers too and raising different inflammatory reasons for their actions.

Then the bigger issues came when some of the governorshp aspirants faulted the party’s primaries and challenged the matter at various levels of competent courts leading to cancellation of the primaries twice and now leaving the party without a flagbearer in the state.

These made the PDP go delusional and seeing everyone and everything as getting in their way or as an enemy that must be destroyed.

Even though the APC held its political activities peacefully including receiving decampees from opposition parties particularly the PDP, the PDP on its part, has been rattling the peaceful coexistence in the state by attacking, maiming, breaking shops and stealing people’s property whenever the party organized any form of activity.

Latest of such acts is when the party imported thugs from other states last Sunday who joined the home based thugs and started their heinous deeds right from Bimasa along Sokoto-Gusau road destroying APC posters, billboards, shops considered to be owned by APC supporters and any thing that indicated APC up to the state capital.

This followed an earlier attack on the innocent when once the party organized a rally at the residence of its then governorshp candidate, Dauda Lawal Dare before the court removed him from the race.

It was during that rally at the former governorshp candidate’s house that the thugs carried firearms and shot sporadically killing and wounding innocent citizens in the state.

The APC has said it many times, that the problems that have engulfed the PDP were not caused by it (APC) thus the anger should not be vexed on the citizens, rather, the PDP which is a signitry to an agreement of peaceful political season in the 2023 general elections, should embrace peace, call itself to order and or perhaps come and join the warm and receptive arms of the APC for the betterment of Zamfara.

It’s high time that the remnants of the PDP in Zamfara stop using criminality and blame game thinking it will cause them citizens sympathy, because, as a party, the APC which is peace loving, will always run to the law enforcement agents to seek redress over the hysterical behaviors of the PDP members and as a government, we cannot sit back and allow miscreants cause havoc in our dear state, which is why the security agencies are always up and doing to hunt, arrest and bring anyone causing disharmony in the state to book to face the consequences of their actions.

Gusau is the APC
Publicity Secretary
Zamfara State

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