* there is a spirit behind wealth/ financial breakthrough

There is a spirit tied to every successful transaction in Life,when you understand the principle of sacrifice and you follow the instructions tied to it continually, your breakthrough will be huge and God will sustain your wealth.

Speaking at Sunday convenant day of wealth Transfer at the International Headquarters of Grace Nation International aka Liberation city,the Lead Pastor Popularly known as The Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor remarked that there is a spirit behind wealth, when the spirit of wealth/money locates you,everyone around you begins to wonder how come, when you understand the convenant of giving to the latter, you experience wealth Transfer from Elohim,

The man of God also explained that the spirit that can raise the dead, can also raise your death business alive, and every evil pattern on your breakthrough can be affected for better when you do business with God, when you use your Sustain to promote the kingdom, God in his infinite mercy partners with you, he transfer supernatural wealth to your live.

The Generational prophet of God concluded that both evil and holy spirit can give wealth but the evil wealth cannot last because it come with sorrow and all others but the wealth from God, guarantee supernatural wealth with no sorrow in it, therefore for spiritual convenant is involved to sustain wealth, it is only God that give wealth and Guarantee it sustenabilty, People don’t just enter into wealth except a spirit gives you direction, you must be assisted from a spirit realms Dr Okafor declared.

A family from Canada received there instant miracles at the service, Almighty God located them, demystified the strong man behind there problem, the man of God prayed for them and profile permanent solution to the predicament, Also bloodline hereditary sickness also gave way as the Accurate seer of our time Dr Chris Okafor declared Prophetic words into the life of People in that category.

altars where people inheritance were kept were also destroyed by God through his Servant Dr Chris Okafor.

Meanwhile miracle Babies were released to expectant mothers, as the church also used the occasion to pray for the Nation,as the Nation is about to go to the Poll for a successful transition to another Government.

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