Breaking: Tension Hit Up In Ojota As Police Threaten To Attack ‘Protesters’


The Nigeria Police Force has reacted to the unrest in Ketu, Ojota, and Mile 12 areas of Lagos State on Friday morning.

LagosTme Nigeria reported earlier that there were riots in the areas this morning, causing commuters and residents to run for cover. Reports also claimed that the unknown hoodlums fired shots at residents.

The unidentified youths reportedly destroy, and burn buildings and stalls in the areas.

While the cause of the chaos is yet to be ascertained, operatives of the Police force and the Nigerian Army reportedly arrived on the scene to quell the unrest.


Force Public Relations Officer, Force Headquarters, Abuja, Prince Olumuyiwa Adejobi, confirmed this via his Twitter handle, threatening that the police have the power to attack anyone seen with offensive weapons at the scene.

According to him, some of those claiming to be protesters have their targets and choose to disguise themselves to carry out criminal acts at banks, ATM boots, malls and others.


“So I was told that policemen have been dispatched to the area. Many who claim to be protesting have their targets. They go to banks, ATMs, markets, malls, and financial institutions. Maybe they should be reminded that whoever attacks any. When you are caught or seen at a bank or CBN with the intent to attack such an infrastructure, the police have the power and the right to attack you in all manners the feel reasonable, more so, if seen with offensive weapons,” said Adejobi who was reacting to a netizen lamenting the situation in Ojota area.

“So, let’s be guided and avoid unnecessary “protest.” If you want to protest, make a well-coordinated one. Even the Police will protect you,” he added.

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