Mighty Visitation: Power of God Came Down Mightily As Conference Enters Day 2


* Prayers of the Fathers Changes Destiny- Dr Chris Okafor

The ongoing three days Prophetic conference Mighty Visitation season 2 has recorded mighty deliverances, Miracles, Healings and solutions, the turn over by faithfuls at the day 2 of the conference is mind blowing, the hand of God is seen everywhere with deliverances, healings and solutions

Earlier in his sermon with special focus on the Covenant Prayers of The Fathers, the Lead Pastor of Grace Nation, who also double as the Convener of Chris Okafor word Ministries COWOM, Dr Chris Okafor emphasised that the prayers of the fathers have the capacity to change Laws and also changed Damage destiny to better.

The Generational Prophet of God as he is fondly called said fathers determine how children go far in Life, so therefore there prayers has God backing, because in the fundamental Principle of Elohim, fathers carries majority when it comes to determination, both your biological fathers and spiritual fathers Prayers determines the level of your success in Life, therefore for the convenant prayers of the fathers to work, someone must be sent in the place of Prayers.

About 33 wedding gowns were released by God to single ladies at the conference, this signals that before this years run to the end there wedding will manifest, also a woman who was married fpr 17years without the fruits of the womb,met jehovah at the revival, elohim released her twins for she and her husband,

So so many mighty deliverance, healings and prophecy through God servant Dr Chris Okafor, this was never a suprise because whenever Elohim come to town through a revival any thing can happen.

The Good people of ogba and environs will.not forget on time the mighty visitation of Jehovah to the land of Ogba Lagos
If you miss tonight conference , you can join God Servant, the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor tomorrow morning by 7am-9am at same venue, Nigerian Institute of Journalism premises, Ogba, beside WAEC office ogba Lagos Nigeria for a divine encounter…..

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