Grace Nation: To Every Wealth,There is a Demand to Access It – Dr Chris Okafor.


To know God and understand his Principle is the beginning to the commitment that will enrol you into the school of financial wonders that will Guarantee wealth Transfer into your Life.

Speaking on Sunday 26 February 2023 at the convenant days of Wealth transfer, the Lead Pastor, Grace Nation International aka Liberation city Dr Chris Okafor said there is a Secret the Holy Ghost kept for those whom he want to Bless.

The Generational prophet of God who Teaches on the series “The Spirit of Favour,” emphasised that Favour is what you did not work for or merit but miraculously Transfer to you without stress, sometimes it can also come from your enemies,who are mandated by elohim because of your commitment to kingdom upliftment

When you partner with Elohim with your substance, it gives you access to wealth through spiritual education and Knowledge.

The man of God continue that when you serve God in truth and spirit through Kingdom investment God connect you to the source of all your need, therefore for every wealth, there is a Demand to access it, to everything on earth God is the source, when you disconnect any one from his source death keep calling.

On the Presidential election currently going on the Generational prophet of God said weather the devil like it or not, there must be a new Nigeria and the righteous must be on the Throne come 29 May 2022.

The World Popular Man of God also remarked that no matter how far they have gone to conspired against a new Nigeria through Manipulation of Result, the will of God shall be fulfilled because God ordain shall be Nigerians Next President therefore the gate of Hell shall not prevail.

It was harvest of Babies at the service as more miracle Babies were dedicated, this is the begining of many more miracle Babies dedication because God revealed to me and reconfirm that this year, Hundreds of babies shall be dedicated and there will be no more barren in the land Dr Chris Okafor concluded

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