Grace Nation: Anyone Greedy to the Spirit will Die Poor – Dr Chris Okafor.



* you cannot build something on nothing..okafor

You must have a platform where you can work it out for you to make headway on whatever you do in life, Breakthrough don’t just come ,you must work it out.

These are the words of wisdom coming from the Lead Pastor of Grace Nation International aka Liberation city Dr Chris Okafor at the Convenant days of Wealth transfer Sunday Glorious service on Sunday 5th March 2023 at the International Headquarters of Grace Nation International Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria.

In his words, the Generational prophet of God as he is fondly called said until you conceived,you don’t delivered and the most dangerous person on earth is a man with a vision,a man that his time has come.

The man of God also remarked that nothing happen when you did not do anything, it is only by favour that you do nothing and get something, therefore to get favour it comes with a Demand. A greedy man who is greedy to himself and the spirit will remain poor for Life cause nothing comes free, your commitment to God, give you access to make demand from Elohim.

Speaking on the outcome of the recent Presidential election, the Lagos popular Prophet said the will of God shall overcome, what God said and the person he has ordain to be Nigerians President will definitely come to pass.

According to Prophecy given, God has a special package for Nigeria and not until that package is delivered. What the Nigerians are seeing now is not the will of God, the Lagos prophet who spoke in Parable said, the first and second attempt to collect the mandate back may face little setback but the finally attempt which some people called supreme decision, the will of God will then manifest says the lord of host

The Lagos popular Prophet also called on Nigerians particularly the Christians from all state of the federation to go out enmass on Saturday with there PVC to vote out all Governor’s that supported the manipulation during the Presidential Election in the country, he charges them to Use there PVC and vote out those evil Governor’s that want Nigerians to continue to suffer in the hands of selfish leaders he lamented

Meanwhile the annual family Liberation conference Harvest of babies will come up in Last week of March 2023, Details of the conference will be highlighted in our next bulletins…

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