Politics has over time remained a game of numbers and for the enlightened politicians, these numbers are secured not by coaxing people or use of force, threat or intimidation but through lobby, provision of good governance and understanding every terrain thereby making the people stay with the politician at all times.

This narrative perfectly fits an experienced politician who embodies all the good sides of politics and the incumbent Governor of Zamfara state, Bello Mohammed Matawalle which he practically demonstrated in the 2023 general elections especially as regards the Presidential campaigns during which he served as the Tinubu/Shattima Presidential Campaign Council Coordinator for the Northwest, a position he efficiently and effectively handled till the attainment of unchallenged victory for the President elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Despite the challenges he faced, Matawalle was able to bring all forms of criminality to their knees, made life relatively easier to the people and brought lots of dividends of democracy to his people to the surprise of many.

So, when the selection for who would lead the Tinubu Presidential Campaign Council for the Northwest region came, the party did not have to go far while having Matawalle around who has since shown his wonderful ability, political acumen and the clout that he can do it.

Right from the onset at the APC presidential primaries which held on June 6, 2022 at the Eagle Square, Abuja, Matawalle was very vocal in mobilizing his colleagues especially the northern governors to give block votes to the Tinubu emergence as the party’s flagbearer after he had already made sure that his state’s contingent was fully for Tinubu and at the end, the former agile Lagos state governor beat other contestants with a wide margin.

Even before his choice and subsequent appointment as the Tinubu Presidential Campaign Council Coordinator for the Northwest, the people’s governor who initiated and achieved peace in the party in the state bringing all aggrieved members and APC bigwigs under one roof as a family, had started working for the party’s flagbearer across the country drawing people towards seeing reason why Tinubu was the best choice. He was then to become the Presidential Campaign Council Coordinator for his zone and he continued from there with the setting up of a well furnished office with state of the art equipment and formidable contact and mobilization committed staff in the headquarters of the north, Kaduna, with state coordinators in all the states generating support for the party’s candidates particularly the Presidential.

He personally moved from state to state, locality to locality with all the coordinators mobilizing more support for the APC, meeting and consulting with the youth, the elders, Islamic scholars, clergies, women groups, traders and their leaders, party stakeholders, support groups and many more as possible which culminated into Tinubu’s super win in the region.

Matawalle’s sins on the side of the cabal and other hypocrite politicians who are bent on destroying the success of the party, APC at the general elections in the country first started their heinous moves through the naira redesign and swap policies which Matawalle and other well respected governors in the country challenged with all available legal means with a view to salvage the Nigerian masses at all levels.

When the nation’s yet to fully recover Naira redesign and swap issue came up through the central bank, which many Nigerians felt was aimed at breaking the ever growing popularity of the Tinubu/Shattima duo campaign just ahead of the presidential election, Matawalle quickly mobilized along with the two governors of Kaduna and Kogi to peacefully seek legal redress and remove Nigerians especially rural dwellers out of the sufferings they faced, a case they overwhelmingly won and today Nigerians can transact businesses with both the new and old Naira notes as legal tender.

Even though the Presidential and governorship elections have come and gone, Matawalle and the APC know that the party was swindled out at the polls through official collaboration with INEC staff and the use of some corrupt red hand banded soldiers by their serving and retired seniors who are army generals that have taken political sides working for the PDP to intimidate innocent Zamfara citizens waggling their guns to stop anything and everything APC till the results were declared in favour of the PDP.

These criminal political acts were attested to through confessions made by different perpetrators of the acts who spoke on the various ways they used in truncating APC/Matawalle’s win.

Matawalle and his colleagues will, however, remain heroes of the 2023 elections because of the sacrifice they made in challenging the illegality and excesses of the Central Bank of Nigeria, saving many Nigerians from untold hardships and losts

The likes of Matawalle in the political space of today’s Nigeria are few that can sacrifice their lives, positions, wealth and all other interests just to liberate the masses

APC won the Zamfara State Governorship election, but the cabal, in collaboration with INEC and some corrupt soldiers who were illegally deployed to Gusau, changed the results at the Gusau INEC headquarters by copying a different results sheet from the PDP situation room and announcing the PDP candidate as the winner of the elections just for the cabal to feel that Matawalle is disgraced with his crime being the challenge of the Naira redesign and swap policies which were ill timed.

Posterity is already judging them as they will soon feel the repercussions of their evil acts.

Idris is the Zamfara State APC Publicity Secretary

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