It isn’t surprise to to see how the current Zamfara Gov Dauda Lawal Dare is punching his way to deceive the general public, as he used to be in all his previous records and dealings, in order to divert peoples attention from the slumber of his administration in dealing with the current escalating security challenges facing Zamfara State. Every body knows who is Dauda Lawal Dare when it comes to misleading general public, judging from his past records.


What Dauda Lawal Dare is trying to do is as follows:

1. Divert the attention of Zamfara people and beyond from his total failure to tackle immediately, the current waves of security concerns ranging from mass abduction to waves if attacks, killings and maiming of hundreds of innocent people bedeviling the state, which he promised the people during his Electioneering campaign.

When Matawalle became the governor of the state in 2019, he tackled the security challenges of the state within his 100 days in office and Zamfara became secured and peaceful for over 9 good months without a single security incident across the width and breadth of the state. Therefore I see no reason for the government of Dauda Lawal Dare to do so, if at all he is committed to the misleading sluggish “Rescue Zamfara” slogan intendd to deceive the poor and vulnerable people of the state.


2. The Gov is also trying to justify the revocation of the cargo airport contract which he is


trying to award to himself through proxy, as he is presently working on the process, but now in court with the contractor.


The former Governor Hon ( Dr) Bello Mohammed Matawllen Maradun is therefore on his earlier position regarding the nasty misleading allegations against the former Governor.

The former government hitherto presented the following facts which we have backed up with pictorial and documentary evidences for for posterity.


The following compartments of the contract were carried out and have reached various stages of completion as follows:

1. Access Roads –


a. Airport access dual road, Gate and Drainages have all been completed

with environment assessment by the Federal Ministry of Aviation carried out and completed.


b. The 1.5 kilometres Link road is cleared, sand filled and compaction completed. However in his attempt to causemischief to the immediate pastadministration, Gov Dauda Lawal ordrred for the scrapping of the road.


c. Runway has been excavated, sand filling carried out with compaction of two kilometres out of the 3.4 kilometres completed as well as the clearance of one kilometre completed.


d. Taxing way of 500 metres, clearance, excavation, sand filling and compaction were carried out and completed.


e. Apron area which is 200/2 metres of 190 metres was cleared with excavation, sand filling and compaction were completed.


2. Terminal-Level iron rafter is at 50 per cent stage of completion.


3. Water pool is at 90 per cent completion, while the water reservoir of the cargo airport has been fully completed with all Boreholes drilled across the airport have been completed.


4. The cargo itself is at 75 per cent stage of completion with its fire station at 75 per cent of completion.


5. The cargo airport wire fence is at 75 per cent stage of completion.


6. Regarding the airport Mast, the NCAA was urged to advise the neighbouring Air Force Base to move it from the current location in order to avoid interruption at the airport.


6. Again, all the relevant and concerned authorities including the Federal Ministry of Aviation, the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority NCAA and the Nigeria Airspace Management Agency NAMA were involved in the professional execution of the project.


7. The services of competent consultant were engaged in the execution of the cargo airport with all relevant documents at hand.

On the issue of none compliance with due process, Dauda Lawal is a blatant lie as his usual kind of crook and international deceit just to take off peoples attention from the slumber of his administration and to criminally award to contract for the completion of the cargo airport project to himself through proxies.


No serious Gov/government fully committed to ensuring fighting the ugly security situation bedeviling Zamfara State could spend almost six months without bringing on table any tangible plans and actions to tackle the menace, rather engaging in private business trips both within and outside the country busy trying to dubiously accumulate money for himself, abandoning the state to administrative consultants.


The Gov who since his inauguration on May 29th, has never stayed for once in the state for a complete one week, failed to put up his government structure and the institutional framework that will bring focus and direction to the government to ensure fighting the banditry headon, which is the primary responsibility of any government anywhere, rather engaging in unnecessary

baseless and unfounded accusations against the former Governor who doggedly fought and tackled the ugly security situation he inherited when he took over power in 2019 headon within the 100 days of his administration, if not for saboteurs and conflict entrepreneurs like Dauda Lawal Dare ‘s likes who sworn to destabilise the Matawalle government who jealously sabotaged this great success of the Matawalle government.


Sadly, we are unaware of the Gov’s absenteeism from the state, leaving the critical affairs of government businesses in the hands of consultants who have no any knowledge of the state political terrain and culture, but hired only to help him loot the state resources. While his absenteeism is seriously affecting the federal government zeal, commitment and determination to end the menace of the rural banditry leaving the helpless and vulnerable people at the mercy of the Carlos and babaric bandits, leading to establishment of more IDPs camps all over the the state littered all nooks and crannies of the state with begging women and children, all in deceitful slogan “Rescue Zamfara”.


Zamfara being one of the most educationally and ecomically backwards and disadvantaged states in Nigeria, certainly need a leader that is committed to the welfare, wellbeing and the security of lives and property of the people who can provide that

kind of leadership that is vibrant and responsive to the yearnings and the needs of the people.

That leader who primarily concentrate on vendetta against those he perceived his enemies,

heating the state polity, busy engaging in private business trips outside the country like Dauda Lawal, is certainly not the type of leader Zamfara State requires.

Investigations we have so far conducted revealed that Dauda Lawal has looted over a 100 billion Naira from the state coffers. We are currently compiling our facts and figures to detail the general public on the direct stealing the Gov has so far committed against the state. We are therefore calling on our elderstatemen to wake up to this misrule of our dear state. We have to rescue the state from the deception, looting of the state resources and guarantee the realization of the fundamental principles and objectives upon which Late General Sani Abacha of blessed memory told the world when the state was created over 30 years ago.

Meanwhile, attached are documents and pictorial evidences to back up what we have said for people to see.




Ibrahim Dosara

Former Commissioner of information under Matawalle Administration

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