Morning Dew And Breakfast On The Lagoon



Sincerely, never in my imagination could I have thought of this atmosphere, this nature fulfilling environment.

Yet, here I was at a location in Lagos, Nigeria.

So serene, so peaceful, so alluring and beckoning on me to sail happily into a new emerging day.

The cool morning dew interrupted my thoughts as birds of enormous different colours and beauty, continued to sing differently into my ears from trees all around my luxury beach home. The morning dew weather, reminding me of the early winter in Europe at this time.


I had woken up to the cool fresh air that sipped through the Lagos lagoon through one of the semi closed windows of the luxury home I slept at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort at Ibeju-lekki. Upon opening the door, behold the lagoon was before me. I had actually slept the whole of the night, on top of the lagoon! Wow!

I tried to see through the view hidden under the grew early morning dew, the deep greenery of the trees and vegetation surrounding the dark waters of the lagoon, the enchanting mangrove.

Though 7am, I could see in the distance, a sprawling laid out tables for breakfast. I had been told the previous night upon arrival, that breakfast would be outdoor. But never in my imagination did I conjure a breakfast by the lagoon, directly in front of the Atlantic ocean, both large waters separated by few meters of sandy dunes!

My adventurous spirit lifted at this edenic view.

Immediately, the long breakfast setting on the coastline inspired a new hunger for food in me. I rushed back in, to quickly freshen up in preparation for the outdoor.


Nature is marvellous, actually medicinal. I could not help singing that to myself as I felt a soul healing, absorbing the beautiful natural environment of the holiday homes all spaced and carefully arranged around the resort, as I walked around, trying to get to the breakfast point.


My eyes engaged the swimming pools, the flower festooned homes, the coconut trees, the African styled atmosphere, the African essence in the palm wine drinking points, all these I took in, as the morning dew started giving way to the slowly setting sun, right there above the Atlantic ocean.

It was breathtaking. Really out of this world.

No single noise of automobile. No hue or cry of screaming tyres on tarred roads, no blaring noises of taxis and other private or commercial drivers on busy roads and the highways.

Just peace and the awaiting breakfast.


I guess I could live here forever. I could not help whispering that to myself as a picture of my office in the city came to mind. I laughed silently.

So I decided to enjoy every bit of the moment and savour the entire environment.

First the breakfast that laid out before me.

The adoring staff of La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort were already showing off their range of assorted meal offering for the buffet. They all looked so good, I wished I was a heavy eater!

The morning dew suddenly decided to step out, as if on an opera show, to give way fully to a brilliant sky, though the weather was still very cool.


And in answer to that, soft music from perhaps, some hidden speakers sailed through the air to the ears of diners this morning. About two hundred of us as I did an approximate count.

Whoever thought of that music, did justice to this breakfast setting. It made it all complete. But little did I know that, the Breakfast Show at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort this morning, had just commenced!

There was more in store for my eyes to be at peace with and be pleased with!

Sooner, all the tables were filled. I felt even more comforted that I was not enjoying this bliss all alone. Obviously, I was not the only one that found out this Eden. Families, real beautiful families were here. Yes, couples too. Oh, plenty of them!

Sooner, I noticed activities on the lagoon. Boats, Kayak were being rolled out for those who had finished the breakfast to enjoy. There was a queue of people, children, adults, ready to go playing on the lagoon. Waiting to take turns for one water sport or another.


Just when I thought this was so intriguing and that I had seen it all, a huge boat with a laid out bed with clean sheet rolled out with a couple, who were set to have their breakfast on the lagoon water.

The sailing bed boat was filled with necessary food items and loosened on the lagoon to the delight of the couple who brought out their cell phones and snapped away to keep cherished memories. And then more of such bed boats rolled out, for more couples that had indicated interest.

I couldn’t imagine this happening in Africa. In Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

It was 8:30am, two horses, good breed, were out on the sandy dunes between the Atlantic ocean and the lagoon, the horses admiring the beautiful laid out breakfast atmosphere by the water, and wishing they were humans, with opportunity to sit and enjoy the so so attractive buffet.


The horses were actually there for a quest. They were there to seduce guests for a ride. And they got so much requests as children and adults jumped on them at different times, all day, I found out.

So picturesque!

The scenery was right out of a story book.

But I here was, a part of the whole story book, and reality of life at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Ibeju-lekki, Lagos.

After my breakfast, I sat on watching the potpourri of activities all around me. I marvelled at the endless Atlantic ocean water.


Sooner, the resort guests gradually moved away from the lagoon area, to the blue waters of the Atlantic ocean, enjoying water-play, with its endless waves on the shore.

Though for late diners, breakfast was still on till 10am.


Ordinarily when I’m on holidays, I usually always hurried back to the hotel room after breakfast to watch television or pretend to do light work. But here at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, I just wanted more of the outdoor! I wanted more of everything around me.

Did I just see monkeys jumping from tree to tree? I wanted more of that too! It was so enthralling. Nature’s best kept secret. The combination of the Lagoon and the Atlantic ocean also did it for me. The singing birds that must have woken me up to the morning dew set me up good for the entire day.


May I recommend this pristine holiday spot to you?

Oh yes, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort at Ibeju-lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

I hope I have more time in the near future, to share more of my experiences at this luxury resort with you.


And about the Founder of this luxury resort, Otunba Wanle Akinboboye and some of his dreams.


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