People Choice: Governor Ododo assures projects continuity and vows to bring political harmony in Kogi State.



The Massive gathering of Nigerian political gladiators especially the rulling All Progressive Congress APC for the swearing-in of His Excellency Usman Ododo as the executive governor of Kogi State, is an indication that the recent governorhip election has indeed produced a transformative leader who will continue with the good work of his predecessor the immediate past governor of Kogi State His Excellency Yahaya Bello.

Governo Ahmed Usman-Ododo With a resounding mandate of Kogi people will bring live changing development especially in human capital development for the entire good people of Kogi State with his blueprint vision and mission to actualize the hopes and aspirations of Kogi’s residents on his shoulders, particularly in the crucial realm of developments such as Education,Good Roads, adquate Security and carrying everyone along, in respective of party affiliation to contribute their wealth of experience to contribute to the development of Kogi State beyond electorates expectations.

Ododo’s vision for Kogi State transcends traditional governance, focusing on the essential needs of the people.
The intention of the Gov which is providing the people with reliable and widespread access to electricity, human capital developments and comprehensive plan to revolutionize the state’s energy landscape to ensure that every nooks and crany of the state is not left behind in receiving the dividends of good governance as he promised during his campaign.

The electrification project is set to encompass urban and rural areas alike, bridging the gap between some areas that have long grappled with insufficient power supply. Ododo commitment is to harnessing renewable energy sources to boost the state economy and to attract investors to embrace sustainable businesses that align with the global goal towards cleaner and greener solutions for the development of good people of Kogi State State and Nigeria.

Moreover, as a prepared leader who has since assumed the mantle of leadership with prepared developmental blueprint, his economic vision and benefits are tied to improve infrastructure. By creating industries and small businesses for thousands to have food on their table. Ododo aims to spur economic growth and create job opportunities for the people of Kogi State.

This approach not only addresses the immediate need for non-stop power supply and other benefitting projects to his people but also lays the groundwork for long-term prosperity.

In collaboration with experts in the energy sector, Ododo has in his developmental economic plans crafted a roadmap that includes upgrading existing ongoing infrastructural developments innitiated by His Excellency the former governor in cutting-edge technologies, and implementing community-driven initiatives. The goal is not just to provide electricity but to empower communities through active participation in developmental projects and soft grants to encourage small men and women to boost the economy in the state.

As His Excellency Usman Ododo the Executive governor of Kogi State has been sworn in as a brand new governor of Kogi State, the inauguration of the new visionary Sheriff, new Governor, the good people of Kogi should expect nothing rather than development and progress, Usman Ododo’s commitment to electrification is not merely a campaign promise but a strategic blueprint for a brighter and more sustainable future. The people of Kogi State look forward to witnessing the transformation under the guidance of their chosen visionary leader and that man is no other than man Nicknamed the ( Gift of God) Usman Ododo the Executive governor of Kogi State.

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