The Honourable Minister of State for Defence, Dr. Bello Muhammad Matawalle MON, today chaired the inaugural meeting of the Governing Council of the National Hydrographic Agency (NHA) at the Ministry of Defence, Abuja. This meeting marks a pivotal milestone in the enhancement of Nigeria’s hydrographic capabilities.

The National Hydrographic Agency is a government organization dedicated to hydrographic surveying and nautical charting. Its primary functions include the collection, processing, and dissemination of hydrographic data to support maritime navigation, national defence, and various marine activities. The establishment of the Governing Council signifies a major step forward in the efforts of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration to improve the management and regulation of the nation’s water resources.

The Governing Council of the NHA has been formed to provide strategic oversight and ensure that Nigeria’s hydrographic activities align with global best practices. This alignment is crucial for supporting the country’s economic, social, and environmental development goals.

In his address, Dr. Matawalle emphasized the significance of the Council’s inauguration, stating, “Today’s inauguration of the Council demonstrates our commitment to fostering knowledge, expertise, and resources. This synergy will enable us to address the complex challenges facing our nation’s water sector and unlock its vast potential.”

“I am confident that this Council will provide the necessary leadership and guidance to drive progress in Nigerian hydrography. I wish the Council success in their endeavors and offer my full support in their pursuit of excellence,” Dr. Matawalle added.

The Governing Council comprises the following members:

a – Minister of State for Defence – Chairman
b – Minister of Transportation – Member
c – Minister of Justice – Member
d – Minister of Finance – Member
e – Chief of Defence Staff – Member
f – Chief of Naval Staff – Member
g – Surveyor General of the Federation – Member
h – Three Ex-officio Members – Members
i – Hydrographer of the Federation – Secretary

During the meeting, the Council approved several key initiatives:

a – The acquisition of a temporary headquarters for the National Hydrographic Agency.
b – The employment of civilian staff to ensure the operational efficiency of the Agency.
c – The nomination of three Ex-officio members to the Governing Council, subject to the approval of the President.

The inauguration of the Governing Council of the National Hydrographic Agency is a testament to the government’s commitment to advancing Nigeria’s hydrographic and maritime capabilities. The Council will play a vital role in ensuring the strategic and effective management of the nation’s hydrographic resources.

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