APC , Buhari’s Govt. Have Failed Nigerians -Hon. Nelson


Hon. Nelson Uduji represents Awgu South Constituency in Enugu State House of Assembly and the Chairman, Committee on Sports and Security Matters in this Interview with ISAAC IFEANYI AGWAZIM in his office at the Assembly Complex, the youthful and soft spoken Honourable gentleman speaks on the substandard Buhair lead Government, the current agitation been experienced in the Nation and other issues.

This is two years of President Muhammadu Buhari lead administration, how can you score the performance of this administration so far?
If I’m to assess this administration, though I’m not a political analysis, I’m a political practitioner. When the government was coming into power in 2015 they gave false hopes to Nigerians, high hopes, and promised so many things, for instance that the dollars will be N1 to $1, that petrol will be sold for N5 per litter and so many other things and then Nigerians were jumping here and there, thinking the messiah had come, they casted their votes and gave them power not knowing that what they actually wanted to do is just to grab power.
I will say categorically all these things they mentioned you will bear me a witness that Nigeria is even worse than they met it, because hunger, insecurity, agitation here and there are what comes with bad government. So, what I want to say is that the governments of APC lead by Muhammadu Buhari has failed Nigerians, though Buhari was a disciplinarian, we thought that he will still remain who he was before, but now it is like he is not in control of the government as some power seeking individuals have taken over. Nothing is moving on because what we hear now is lies everywhere. On the power sector, before now we had more than 5000MW generated but now Nigeria cannot boost of 3000MW. So, all these things are what we are seeing in this administration so they are a total failure.

Recently the Hausa Youths asked the Igbos to vacate from their region, what do you think is the way out of all this drama Nigerians are experiencing every day?
There is no problem between the North East and the Igbos, what happened is that people don’t read and see things from the better perspective. Any way, it is not only the Igbo, the truth is that every Nigerian is agitating. Was it the Igbos that bombed the pipeline two months after this administration took over?, Was that the Igbos, Was it the Igbos that were killing people in the North East?. I told you that the country cannot go forth again, things are going wrong all over, when the Yorubas every June 12 they stay at home they want to give honour to MKO Abiola in respective of June 12, then the Igbos say that they want to give honour to those foreign heroes who died during the Biafran war, they stay at home and it became a problem, is it supposed to be a problem? If you want to honour who ever you want to honour, you honour them.
So, the Northern Youths are misinformed, they don’t understand what is going on, they are even hungrier than we are down here, they are affected more than other people. It is not a matter of the igbos, we are asking for restructuring, to restructure this country so that everybody will have equal right. If you are able to make car and make motorcycles, they should give you a chance to go and produce them, if you are able to get 180 or 200 as a score to enter University, they should give you the opportunity. It is wrong that somebody will score 250 and he or she will not get admission and someone elsewhere will score 100 and will be given admission. When you talk of federal university all over the country, things are not done this way in a society where there is unity, equal opportunity and equal right should be given to all. So, what I’m saying is that the whole country is fighting and agitating and not only the Igbos, they have been fighting in the North East for over how many years, they are killing themselves, killing Christians, killing Muslim. Is it Igbo people that caused it?. Niger Delta people are vandalizing pipes here and there, they said they will come and clean Ogoni land, they have not cleaned anything, let me tell you an Igbo man pays the highest amount to sustain this country, the revenue generated in the Igbo land is 70% of what is generated all over Nigeria so who is deceiving who, Igbo man loves this country more than any other tribe, hence when they go to the North they will settled down and build sky-scrapers, other people when they come to the Igbo land they will only come with their mats knowing that one day they will go, Igbos they made themselves that nobody is going anywhere, they said one Nigeria is one Nigeria we will be.


Don’t you think giving a state autonomy will play a better role in true federalism?
That is what we are talking about in restructuring of the nation. So, if I’m generating N1 here let me manage it and pay to the government coffer, the government will now be in-charge of security and foreign affairs, then Enugu state will have their own Police, Abia will have their own State Police, Lagos will have theirs to even local government level, then you will know your neigbours, so if you employ someone to Police you it will be someone you know, you know who is the next criminal and the crowd will reduce, employment will be generated and there will be no I want to be on my own, but if it continues like this everybody will be agitating, we want to be on our own yes, Ijaw men wants to be on their own, even the Arewa too want to be on their own.

Looking at the recent crises in PDP leadership, do you think PDP as a party have all it takes to win election come 2019?
What concerns PDP and the bad governance we are talking about, PDP is a party, every party has what we call party politicking, there is nothing like crises in PDP, what they are doing is politicking, but nobody wants to allow the other person to be, you have your idea and you believe that your idea is the best, so I have mine too, all these things are obtainable in party politics, people disagree to agree, PDP will come out stronger and stronger after this misunderstanding that is it. APC is not better, their own is the worse because they are in power, likewise other parties, no party is safe you know, it is all about politicking and I don’t see that as a crises, what matters is if somebody falls, will he stand up? Is when you fall and you lie-down straight that is when you have political fall but if you fall and stand up and walk, you fall to learn, you fall to run, you rise to be strong that is it.


How can you access the 6th Assembly performance of Enugu State House of Assembly?
I will not say that I will be blowing my trumpet anyway, but the little I can say is that we have been doing great. So, is left for people out there to rate us, you know I’m a member of the 6th Assembly so I can’t just start rating myself, the people that are outside watching what we are doing, they are the people that are supposed to rate us to know weather we are doing well or not, all I want to say is that there is a very good relationship between the executives and the Enugu State House of Assembly hence the developmental projects you see the governor is doing all over the place would have been possible.


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