Teniola Akinpelu a 20 year old graduate of Policy and strategy studies from Covenant University who was recently emerged winner of 2017 face of AMBER Nigeria in an interview with Top Society Magazine shortly after she was announced the winner, the light-skin and easy going Lagos born queen shared with us on what really motivated her to run for the contest, her fashion line “Afrika Island”, her passion to see that every female child stands out in our today’s society.

Congratulation on your victory! How do you feel becoming the face of AMBER 2017?
I feel super excited, I feel blessed, I feel honoured, is just like a dream come true being the face of AMBER Nigeria 2017.

In a competition whereby you contested alongside with thirteen other contestants, how did you feel being announced the winner of the crown?

I am very excited, I wouldn’t say I was expecting it, but I work hard for it and by God’s grace today I’m the face of AMBER.

Wearing the crown as the face of AMBER, what has it really changed from the usual you?

I will say that I’m more self conscious, I’m more concern about other people, is not all about me, I need to look out for other people that is what queen does, you should be a role model to other people, people are watching you, so you need to be focus and do thing right.

Can we run an x-ray into your background?
I’m from Lagos State a graduate of Covenant University, I love modeling, acting and fashion designing.

What course did you studied in school?
I studied Policy and strategy studies

Do we see you going back to pick-up and work with your certificate?
I already have my certificate; everything goes in line with face of AMBER, like the theme talks about empowering young girls to investing. Basically, looking at making policies that will be able to enable girls invest so they work hand in hand with the crown.

Now that you are queen, what should other girls out there in the street be expecting from you?
They should be expecting things like empowering young girls, things like seminars, talking to girls to stand out, to invest, to be unique, not to be affected by what people say, do your thing believe in yourself and pray always.

In our society today lots of girls are involve in so many thing that has brought shame to the image of womanhood. As a role model to many what will be your contribution toward projecting the image of women?

Everything still boils down to the seminar, talking to this young girls, the young girls are like our future, so talking to them, empowering them irrespective of their past, irrespective of what has happened before, you need to let go of everything, this is the new you, like you are to make a change and then combine with the way industry is now, where women are doing very well for themselves, so I think is a change, is a new name, things are very much different now, there are lots of women that are doing good for themselves.


Aside the face of AMBER, what else do you engage for a living?
I have a clothing line “Afrikan Island”

Can you enlighten us more about “Afrikan Island”?
Is a mixture of English wear and African print, basically promoting the Nigerian brand which we use Nigerian made fabrics, is a clothing line that is for everybody the walk wears, church wears, party wears, we suit for everybody.

In Nigeria today we have different clothing labels; you just came into the industry how did you intend to stand out in the industry?
Basically by standing out, I’m unique in my designs, I focus more on details, like I said early is a mixture of African print and English wears, I’m not focusing on one thing, I’m not doing just the English wear, I’m not doing just the African print, this mixture is something unique that will give me an edge in the fashion industry.

Where do you see the face of AMBER to be in the nearest future?
I see this platform as a very powerful and influential platform in the nearest future because they have done something unique their theme is something that stands out, I haven’t seen it before in any other pageant, is a very wonderful platform that empowers young girls with skills.

What really inspired you to contest for the face of AMBER?
What really inspired me to contest for this face of AMBER is the theme, I was attracted by the theme which is “Let Girls Invest” is something that stands out, so I was moved to contest, is something I have been thinking about also, anytime I talk to my friends I ask them what can you do, what would you like to do, after school what next, so seeing this platform I was motivated to go for it.


Now that you are the face of AMBER, do you still have the intention of going into modeling as career?
Yes I do, definitely I need to build my modeling career, this platform is like a stepping stone, is a start-off of my modeling career, definitely I will love to do things like photo-shots, different modeling shots here and there.

What is that crazy thing you can do for money?
I don’t think I will do anything crazy for money, I will work hard, I will invest like do what you love to do, follow your passion, do it and make good money out of it.

Aside your career, what is that thing that really put smile on your face?
Talking to young girls, putting smile on people’s face, inspiring people to do something good for themselves, just making people happy, young girls in particular talking to them even if it means training them on a particular skill, it give me joy seeing them saying motivational things.

What is your last word for the girls out there?
Believe in yourself, do not follow the crowd, be unique in everything you do standout and believe in God.


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