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Stanley Obi is a real estate investor popularly known as Apostle Landlord, the CEO of Salescraft Properties. He is on a mission to make millions of Nigerians home and abroad land owners and to make his partners millionaires.
According to the scripture many are called, but few are chosen. In the case of Apostle Landlord he is called to eliminate the high level of tenancy in Nigerian and increase the number of home owners.
The soft speaking and young investor took us back to memory lane to 1st June 2012 when Salescraft was conceived to where they are today. It’s been an awesome five years in the real estate business. Enjoy your reading.

Sir, what is the motive behind the name “Apostle Landlord”?
How I came about the name, an Apostle is someone who is sent on a mission, you know in those days when somebody is a Christian missionary they use to call him an Apostle because he goes to different places for a particular purpose so that was how we got the name, mine is a different kind of Apostle, because I’m on a different mission and this mission is to see that millions of Nigerians home and abroad become landlords. That is how the name came about “Apostle Landlord” a man who is on a mission to make millions of Nigerians home and abroad landlords so that is just it.

How long has sales craft properties been on existence?
We started Sales Craft Properties in 2012 precisely 1st of June 2012 and currently we are running our five years anniversary promo, we have been in real estate business for five years, though it has been challenging but by the grace of God it has been a very fruitful adventure, we do not have any course to complain rather than to be grateful to God.

Your mission is to make millions of people landlords having been in the mission for five years now, how can you record the success so far?
So far, we have thousands of customers who have either bought from our Ikorodu land, Asaba land or Ibeje Lekki land, we have about four estates in Ibeje Lekki and we have people who have started building in our ikorodu, Lekki lands, who have started building in our Ata-ota land. For us so far it has been an interesting journey but we mustn’t take our eyes off the mark or the prize. And what is the prize? To make millions of people home and abroad landlords, so for the fact that we have started the journey by the grace of God we will definitely get to our destination.

Now that Nigeria economy is experiencing hard time, what does it cost to acquire a landed property with Sales Craft Properties?
Okey! The first thing we try to do is to let our customer know that the foundation of becoming a landlord starts with acquiring a land. Instead of you thinking of gathering forty, fifty millions for a piece of land or a house, you can actually start up with as low as even Twenty thousand every month for four years then acquire your land. God so kind, by the time you know it, you have started your foundation, even if it takes you another four years to finish the building. It is a journey in process, step by step because all fingers are not equal and our target is to reach out to the poor, the average and the rich irrespective of your class. So you don’t have to wait until you have that money, you can actually start very little, gradually and before long. When you focus on a vision you will be committed to it, rather than waiting until when you eventually make the money to buy a big land, so the foundation is acquiring a land and that is where we focus our attention on, then you can start building it according to your choice, according to your taste, according to your specification and in a very short time you are there.


The nation is really facing a difficult time; the government is complaining of massive looting, the masses are equally complaining low resources. How has all these affected the Real Estate at the moment?
All of these affected the Real Estate Industry because you know there are lots of properties when you go to Lekki people buy houses, nobody is ready to rent because the rents are high, you know the real estate industry is big, but in our own particular industry, we focus on the poor and the average people, the impact has not been that much on us because you can say instead of us keeping this money in the bank we can either invest it in Real Estate, because you know naira is devaluing and the little money they are saving instead of leaving it in the bank they can commit it to a dedicated installmental payment and they say that once I collect my salary this particular portion instead of leaving it in the bank I push it to acquisition of my property, use this one for my family, use this other one for school fees and before you know what is happening all their needs are being met, they are solving their problems one after the other, so that is why even despite the resection we can complain but is just that we still wish to have reach more because one of the challenges is that we have to do more advert in order to reach more and we have to do more sensitization you understand and you have to encourage people the more, you have to shout and talk the more because a lot of them don’t want to path with money right now because of the recession, but we make them see that this is the best time because real estate is something that doesn’t go down but keeps appreciating.

What does it take to be a successful Real Estate Manager?

The simple truth is that in order to be successful in every endavour especially in this our line of business first of all you must have trust in God which is the topmost he is the author and finisher of our faith, secondly you must have a vision something that drives you so that you are not just there to make money, because money is an after mart of a good work, when you make money is an after mart of delivery service, so you go with the vision and mission to satisfy customer first, and changing people’s life is of a necessity, money will then come. You can understand why the other one is to be committed to the vision. One thing is to have a vision, another thing is to be committed to the vision and also customer service is not left out because a satisfied customer is bound to bring ten or more people and a dissatisfied one will drive twenty or more people away, so with that and God on your side you will get to the top.

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Having recorded a successful five years in the Real Estate industry so far, where do you see Sales Craft Properties in the next five years?
In the next five years, we want to become a multinational as a matter of fact and we are working endlessly towards that, right now we are trying to commercialize in the sense that we have to open our business to everybody, right now we have over hundred marketers who work with us in all our four branches, but we don’t just want to depend on them right now because Apostle Landlord is a man who is on a mission to make millions of people landlords and because we say millions we will require more than just hundred marketers to reach out millions of people. We have introduced a new product which is called Apostle Landlord Partners Dot Com, this one is for everybody irrespective of what you do you can become a partner with Apostle Landlord in making people landlords, all it means is that you can become like a sales partner, you talk to people about Apostle Landlord, let them see why they should become land owners, and make them understand that it is not just about the money but about partnering with Apostle Landlord to see how we can depopulate the number of tenants we have in Nigeria. It is just a mission that we are using partners to drive and in return, Apostle Landlord is making them a millionaires, so we have a vision in the next five years of making ten thousand Apostle Landlord Partners millionaires. All it takes is just tell people about our products, tell people about our lands in Ibeje Lekki, Ikorodu, Oka-atta and Asaba and we pay you a huge commission and you don’t necessarily need to be a staff, you can be a doctor, a lawyer, a house wife and even a media practitioner, whatever it is you are doing for a living, if you are looking for how to get a residual income and make meaningful purpose in the life of people, joining Apostle Landlord partners is just a right plan for you, because when you sell land to people you are actually giving them meaning and hope and at the same time you are becoming a millionaire and not just only that you are becoming a millionaire, we will also give you a plot of land if you have made so much effort, so the idea is you are making people become landlords and you are becoming a millionaire in return and also becoming a land owner.


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