My Plans For Ifako-Ijaiye Local Government


Hon. Oloyede Mutairu Abiodun is a flag bearer of Labour Party, He is running chairmanship position of Ifako-Ijayi in the forth coming Lagos State, Local Government Election.
In a press briefing, he share his vision for the people of the area with much focus in the area of youth empowerment, and the huge need to restructure the area.

Sir, let us know your background and why do you want to become Ifako-Ijaiye Chairman?
My name is Hon. Oloyede Mutairu Abiodun. I grew up here in Ifako- Ijaiye , I attended Coker Memorial High School Ifako. I did my First Degree in Lagos State University Ojo and my Masters at Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-ife. I am a member of Chartered Institution of Business Management of Nigeria.
I never intend to contest for any elective position because I am not a politician but my people made me to become a politician today. I run my private firm as a Chartered Tax practitioner which I very much comfortable with. The way Ifako is been mismanage over the years by the previous administration prompted the call from concerned residents of Ifako- Ijaiye Local Government to come and liberate them from the bondage. Some of the residents who had seen some quality of leadership in me consulted my father to call me to join this race. They consults him severally without any positive result; out of their desperation, they decided to sent some body my father cannot ignored his advise not matter what. All this was done without my knowledge. I actually did not want to contest the election but after I was informed about what is going on within the council I was compel to have change of mind.
On a first note, I notice that there are trend in increase of Area Boys within Ifako-Ijaiye, and when I go close to them to find out, I discovered that those guys are idles, so they started constituted nuisance in Ifako environ. Some of them actually want to work but no job for them, some of those guy are graduates. The analysis and finding from the workers in the Local government revealed that they are not resident of Ifako while the residents were left out. There are needs to address that issue in order to takes our youth off the street.
Secondly, there is high level of infrastructural decay in Ifako Local Government, as a matter of fact I cannot really point out any infrastructure within this council over the years of their ruling rather than grading some portion of roads when the election is near. Apart from the one been done by the state government and during Ajaguno leadership the rest are been done on faces of banner by one of our friend Toba Oke who is also their chairmanship Candidate. As part of our manifestoes; youth empowerment and improvement of educational standard is paramount. In area of education; I have a special plan for that sector in order to make education more effective, as matter of fact I want to make educational pragramms in Ifako- Ijaiye a case study in Nigeria.

Sir, now that you have join the race; what have you really done for the people of Ifako-Ijaiye, that give you the confidence that you will have the people’s support?
I have done enough for my people to get their support, I have build bore holes solely for the people of Ifako- Ijaiye, I have donated several volume of my educational publication to different school within Ifako-Ijaiye Local government. Currently I have over twenty different research books after my youth service. As part of my plan, if elected into the office I will build an Educational Research Centre here in Ifako-Ijaiye to assist in improving teaching and learning process. I will make Ifako-Ijaiye Local government an educational hubs in Lagos State particularly and Nigeria in general.

What other plans do you have for the people of your Local government?
Artisans are major contributors and sustainer of many household, any child been describe as “omo oku aye nii’ that means his father is alive but is not contributing to the welfare of the family is very bad, by the time I get to office, the first thing I will do is to set aside allocation fund from the council coffer and I will set up a committee for that effects. One of the artisan will be appointed as Board chairman to oversee the committee. He will give out soft loan to his members to boost their business at a very little interest rate. Then in the area of infrastructure I have a plan to engage most of our youths. We are not engaging them by just giving them money, but rather than giving out our projects to contractors, we will use youth through direct labour, by so doing it will create a lot of jobs opportunity to our young boys and girls. Mind you; there are lots of gouges in Ifako-Ijaiye, we make sure that it is utilized. You know I am a consultant and recently I consult a Chinese company on how we can use waste to generate energy. I am also aware of the financial problem within the council, The same man (Toba Oke) that put the people of Ifako-Ijaiye into this mess is same man they are present as their candidate. As a financial expert, I will do a thorough finding and analysis to find out why we find ourselves in this mess.

Sir, what plan do you have toward IGR in order to generate enough fund apart from the federal allocation coming to the council?
That is a good question. I am a tax Practitioner and I believe so much that Ifako-Ijaye shouldn’t have problem of fund and revenue if it is well and properly managed. I will use the option that has not been taped to increase the IGR, I will adopt any option that will not affect the common man on the street. When I get into office I am going to set up committees to review a lot of things into many lapses within the council before we commence service because I am aware that many things are going on wrongly over in the council. Many of them come in without any thing, but within a short time of their stay in office they started building houses. The money ought to be use for the development of local government, individuals are now pocketing it. Still some people are now calling his name, celebrating him of course they are touts, because a good thinking brings out a good product. It is only a bad person that will market a bad product. Every product you see around the world today is the idea of an individual. Some people are thinking of making money but they sell human part to make money. Our friend who was complaining of inadequate fund, but by the time he came into the he was able to build Manson in Lekki. If you value that building it is enough to constructs three good roads. If they are talking about inadequate fund what of the ones been giving to the so called godfathers. I don’t care whatever they say, but I want to see things by myself when I get there. Apart from the material centre which is another avenue to generate more revenue to the council coffer and the soft loan we are going to be giving out to the artisan at a minimal interest rate. Some local government might even come to make use of our material centre. Those entire platforms are means of generating more funds to the council.

What is your intention toward youths empowerment?
Yea; with set of councilors contesting with me, you will agree with me that I am so concerned about the youth. I know a councillorship candidate who is less twenty four years old and I have my reason for this. If you continue do things in the same way you will continue get the same result but when you do things differently you will have different result. I personally go out to bring those guys myself within their council wards. One of my youth empowerment as I have said it earlier is that I will involve the youth into direct labour instead of using contractors.
Again we are going to establish skill acquisition centre and back it up with material tools for those who have learnt trade but doesn’t have money to establish their own. Such people will have access to our material tools centre when they have a job they will come to the centre to do their job by paying a little amount of money and deliver their services to respective customer. With that a lot of people will work with ease even though they didn’t have the equipment.

How do you intend to convince the people of lfako Ijaiye that you are going to keep your promises?
I just became a politician by accident. But I am sure some people might have see what I worth before they ask me to contest. Those people that ask me to represent them I will be accountable to them and also the great people of Ifako Local government. They are not satisfied with their style of leadership, that why I was ask to represent them.

In terms of legislature, experience is very important. The councilor contesting along with you are they picked base on experience or family background?
No. it is not possible to pick somebody base on family name, if base on that you will see thousands of people waiting at your door to have that opportunity too. Don’t forget that many people are interested to become an honorable even without nothing off-head. You see extremely young, Gen. Gowon became president of this country at young age after which we never have any young president in this country again. People will still say that during the time of Gowon as president things are better than now. The reason for picking these young is that we have elders who can easily talk to them. We don’t want those councilor who will be elected today tomorrow thy will relocate to somewhere else, we want those that will be rooted within their community.

Sir, you made mention of building a Material Centre, looking at Ifako Land map there is limited space, how do intend to built a large centre that can accommodate everyone and also the fund to finance the project?
From the definition of government, it doesn’t takes one person to be a government but collective of an individuals. Yes there is limited space of land in this local government but I am not telling you that we are going to centre it all in one location. Tailoring centre could be here, Carpentering could be there so on and so forth. Once the people know what they want, is left for them to go to the particular centre of their need. About funding, investigation show that there are some funds coming into the local government coffer that has never been disclose. I am aware of ecological funds, So first I will find out the debt profile and to know how come about it. If they tell us N500 million is used for the construction of roads thy must show us the road that cost that such amount, If they borrow N300 million for the contraction of Council secretariat and the contractor said it is N50 million we make sure that we collect the balance left over.

Transparency and accountability is one of the major problems people have with most Nigeria politicians. How do intend to deal with this to buy your people’s trust if take over the power?
Don’t forget that no matter how transparent you are; there are some people that still discredit you. So, for me I am not concern about what people might say but do to the satisfaction of my conscience. I am going to be holding town hall meeting in each wards that make the local government every month for accessibility and interaction. By the time we allow our people to have access to us and allow them to ask question on reasons why they did not have any present of project in their community and give them answer they will definitely see a kind of transparent government we are running.

Sir, we all know that other candidates have godfather, who is your own godfather?
I have a lot of godfather. People of Ifako Ijaiye are my godfather. Infact we cannot allow all those things to continue like this, but rest ensured that we will bring them to book. So all of us must wake up to this responsibility by so doing we are not just doing for ourselves but also helping our children and unborn generation.
If you are opportune to become the chairman, do you have any plan to probe the past leaders of the council?
Me; I don’t know how to probe people, but those people that know how to probe people might be invited. Only thing I will do is I make sure that all the activities of the past is reviewed to know why the council is stills in this present states. I will ask question Just to know and get appropriate answer but if I am not satisfy with their answer I will then forward it to right agency for investigation to get the appropriate answer.

What is Your plan toward security within the local government?
Well, if you engage area boys, you are engaging troubles. That is the area I am going focus to address the issue of insecurity in Ifako Ijaiyes.



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