Nigeria Economy Lacks Analysts Integration -Omojefe


The chartered institute of financial and investment analysts of Nigeria (CIFIAN), a professional and examination body for financial investment analists has said that the current situation in the country is caused by lack of proper integration of financial and investment experts in the nation.
The registrar/secretary of the council, Dr. Olusegun Moses Agoro, in his acceptance speech during the 11th induction which featured analysts interactive forum with the theme “National Prosperity: Analysts Involvement” pointed out that the government of this country should involve and fully integrate CIFIAN for the improvement of Nigeria economy.

He predicted that despite weak economic, indicators within two years of president Buhari’s administration, Nigeria is gradually recovering from the economic hoods; the cloud for national prosperity is forming. Most recently, the acting president, Professor Yemi Osinbajo signed various executive orders for ease of doing business; this is very remarkable and timely. “By forethought, this event will usher us into the new era of celebration as a Nation. We are proud that our predictions, contributions and recommendations at the institute are yielding and becoming a reality. With this, we affirm once again that Nigeria shall prosper and as for Nigerians , we shall not give up on you”, he said, maintaining that the council is concerned with providing solution to national, regional and global economic problems.

Speaking to our correspondent, Dr. Godfrey Omojefe of the faculty of Management Sciences, university of Port Harcourt who was appointed as the Port Harcourt Chapter Chairman by the institute during the program noted that the involvement of analysts in the management of the Nation’s economy cannot be over emphasized, that it is the work of CIFIAN to analyze the usefulness of every fund made available to a particular sector of the economy.


Dr. Omojefe also revealed that the role of CIFIAN was dominated and hijacked by the other professional bodies but expressed satisfaction that the body is waxing stronger, and making useful contributions that are making tremendous impact in the Nation economy presently.

Unveiling his blue print as the new Chairman of Port Harcourt branch , the University of Port Harcourt financial expert, said that his leadership will focus on bringing together all the stakeholders, associates and fellows of the institute to brain storm on moving the Association forward, “we will re-introduce lecture series for the associate and other members. We will like to partner with some organizations like the Port Harcourt Business School, and Uniport Business School”, he said, emphasizing that professionals who have huge role to play will make efforts to reposition the nascent economy. The Port Harcourt Chairman believed that if government should adopt the recommendations made by CIFIAN the economy will benefits greatly and the economy will improve.


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