For AJ Lina Wilson, a celebrity event event planner, life cannot be enjoyed by the rich without giving a thought to the poor and the younger generation.

The Benue State born philanthropist stated this when she explained to us why she began her charity foundation, that hope to arrest the future today with sound moral teachings to youths across Nigeria “Most times it’s easier to lecture a child about the future and get his or her mind prepared for the future to come and how to handle things than a full grown adult. you see in most cases in Nigeria, if girls and boys had the opportunity to be given some fundamental teachings from the society about themselves, their environment, sex, religion, skill acquisition, private life discipline, and personal cleanliness, We will have better youths and some mistakes you and I might have made in the past could have just been easily managed, I will agree with you if you say teachers are actually impacting those lessons to students but I tell you this, when a separate body organizes a body of people and approach this same student with advice and one or two practical works to keep her going, I tell u that child will never forget that one time encounter . so in a nutshell, the teachers and other social bodies are doing a good work and we just want to help the children and protect the future Generation
On how she funds the project and people that run rings of scams in the name of charity foundations, she had this to say “that some NGOs turned out to be scams doesn’t mean everyone has the same motive but is very sad. Whatever am doing now is a part of me right from when I had no business, this is what I want to do, to put smiles on the faces of young children especially young girl child
The beautiful woman, however, encourages Nigerians to this about the poor “give and encourage and show concern for our youths.

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