September 27, 2020

Abba Kyari 11th COVID-19 death in Lagos

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Abba Kyari

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Mallam Abba Kyari’s death was the 11th recorded in Lagos since the COVID-19 outbreak.

His death was the only one announced on the Twitter handle of the Lagos State Ministry of Health late on Friday.

The LSMOH announces deaths in its facilities and other private clinics.

“One COVID19 death was recorded. This brings to 11, the number of #COVID19 related deaths in Lagos State”, LSMOH tweeted.

Kyari died in a private hospital in Ikoyi almost 18 days after he was admitted.

In his last statement, he explained why he did not check into one of Lagos treatment centres.

“I have made my own care arrangements to avoid further burdening the public health system, which faces so many pressures”, he wrote.

Of the 286 COVID-19 confirmed cases in Lagos, 90 have been discharged.

Here is the infographics about the COVID-19 situation in Lagos as at 17 April.

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