Its becoming worrisome.
Yesterday more than 70 victims of the Fulani herdsmen massacre were buried in the Magami area of Zamfara state. Last week, an uncountable number of Fulani Herdsmen were surrounded in the Maru area cattle market and massacred by Local vigilantes called ‘Yansa Kai.
These latest two incidences are related, but the authorities don’t want to say it or believe it. The authorities have charted a course that will only aggravate the clashes. It’s a micro ethnic war. And if it is not treated as such, and a side is taken by the authorities, it will never end but become intensified.
Until recently, there was relative peace from efforts by the state authorities that broker peace between the two warring factions and the banning of local vigilante groups. But the ban was not effective, and the Federal government made things worst by opposing any peace accord with the Fulani herdsmen that they only see as criminals, using airpower to further pound them and their families – as they claim- in the forests.
This is what is triggering another round of vicious carnage between local people who need, a mediator to calm frayed nerves and douse tension between these two naïve communities.
The federal government on the other hand is not helping matters at all. You can never win a war with aerial bombardments of locals. You can never win guerrilla warfare with troops against people who are fighting an existential war in their abode. History is refilled with vivid examples, but unfortunately those responsible are blind and dumb.
Nobody is listening.
May Allah bring this carnage to an end in His own Way. We have no any wisdom or Power, oh Allah! You are the Al-mighty, All-knowing. Amin!