A fresh controversy broke out between former governor of Zamfara state Abdulaziz Yari and Abba Aleiro, the younger brother of former Kebbi state governor Mohammed Adamu Aleiro over none payment of about 1 billion Naira owed to Abba Aleiro for the supply of rice to Yari.

The controversy began when the former governor requested Abba Aleiro to supply another consignment of rice from his rice mill to enable the former governor distribute same to supporters in Zamfara state, to assist them over the lockdown to end insecurity in the state.

A source very closed to Abba Aleiro said Yari is likely to be dragged to court for the failure to pay for the supply, for about three years now.

Abba who also complained that Yari also refused to him the money for house he is occupying at Maitama Abuja.

The source also revealed that a former banker was approached to pay back the money Yari owed Abba, but the banker also complained of Nine Hundred Million Naira N900,000,000 Yari owed him since 2018 and refused to pay back.

He said there was no way he could borrow Yari another money without paying back that he collected in 2018.

The source however said the elder brother of Abba is intervening in the matter to avert taking Yari to court.

The source who preferred anonymous said Yari went to Adamu Aleiro’s residence in Maitama Abuja, with tears running down his cheeks, begging him to talk to Abba to give him more time to pay him the money for the supply of rice and that of the Maitama residence.

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