Governor Bello Muhammad left the shores of Nigeria at the turn of the new year for the Peoples’ Republic of China, a country that is no longer so popular today for its massive population which is a quarter of mankind, but for its bustling and courageous exploit in science, technology and aggressive economy.

The visit was born out of a desire by the Peoples’ Governor to attract the reflection of the Chinese expertise and open mutual economy to the virgin and emerging peaceful state of Zamfara, after a decade of unfortunate turmoil. His ability by the wand of God’s own hands to bring the catastrophe that tore the very fabrics of the states pride, peace and tranquility, attracted the Chinese to the abandoned untapped wealth in the state which is now ready for mutual exploit.

No fewer than eleven solid companies in China expressed their desire to meet with the Governor on their own land to find mutual ground for benefit which prompted their decision to extend their urgent invitation to the Governor and he graciously honoured. A meeting of these companies’ Chief Executives with His Excellency, Governor Bello Matawalle, attended by representatives of the Chinese and Nigeria diplomatic corps sealed a number of deals in the area of mining, agriculture, tourism and energy.

An added value to the meeting saw the Governor visiting a research institute that has supported the Chinese technological breakthrough for over half a century to, yet, seal a deal on the development of Neem trees for commercial purposes which the Institute found the Zamfara soil as the most excellent in their series of researches on these products .

Governor Matawalle however went further to push a patriotic and witty deal of securing 50 slots of study pursuit for Zamfara indigenes in this splendid institution which will see the state creating ground for similar researches in the area of especially medicine development.

One cannot but recall the resolve made publicly by His Excellency to develop the cultivation of high breed commercial crops such as in cotton, palm oil, garlic and cashew. A high breed cotton seed, one of the major crops Zamfara State is known nationwide from time immemorial, was acquired from this trip.

We welcome Governor Bello Muhammad back home from a trip so successful and wish him and his administration a fruitful implementation of a rich and robust economic blueprint beginning this year.

As we gradually get out of the dark era of wanton death and massive societal destruction supervised by insensitive, callous and inhuman elements we all mistakenly and fatally err in decision to bestow on them our cherished pride and heritage, we have no option but to put all hands on deck to reach the river bank.

Indeed, it is a the beginning of a new chapter in the history of our dear state as we begin the new year 2020 with a promising kick. Together, all Zamfarans will smile and heave a sigh of relief in the shortest period of time under the able and visionary leadership of Governor Bello Muhammad (Matawallen Maradun).

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