A couple of days back, one of Prophet T.B Joshua’s disciples, Prophet Chris in one of the very popular Synagogue Church of All Nations’s interactive prayer sessions was seen on live TV praying for a Cameroonian doctor who was on quarantine, having been diagnosed with Covid-19. The man was visibly in pain and he exhibited signs of deep distress.
“Be restored right now!” Chris prayed, touching the live TV screen while the afflicted Cameroonian doctor responded with repeated, but belaboured ‘Amens” due to the excruciating pain the Cameroonian was experiencing. As Chris was praying for the Cameroonian, his hands on the screen, the man responded, clearly indicating during the session that as the prayers heated up, he was emitting substances through the sweat and vomit.
It turned out that the Cameroonian was a medical doctor and his name is Dr Pierre Kameni. After his healing which was visible as he was no longer exhibiting signs of the initial distress, he told the world of Emmanuel TV viewers of his experience and the ailment that made him to seek healing at the SCOAN through the auspices of the church’s Emmanuel TV channel.
According to Dr. Kameni, “I had fever, pain, cough, general body pain and breathing difficulty. I was diagnosed with Covid 19. I contracted Covid while treating some pregnant women.”
He further revealed that he developed sundry symptoms like cold, headache, difficulty in breathing etc, that the cough became so severe that he developed pains in his respiratory system. He revealed that he was in great distress. He testified that, after tests, he was confirmed positive for Covid-19 and eventually quarantined. During this, frustrated and scared, he contacted Emmanuel TV for prayers from his quarantine.
Dr. Kameni revealed that when he was being prayed for by Prophet Chris during the interactive session on TV, he immediately felt the efficacy of the prayers as his body system responded positively to the force of prayer, receiving instant healing. But the astonishing story did not end here.

This afternoon, days after his miracle, Dr Kameni again appeared live from the Republic of Cameroon on Emmanuel TV, confirming his name and affirming that he really contracted and was diagnosed with Covid-19 during the time he was treating pregnant patients. He revealed that after prayers, the cough, the excruciating pain, the breathing problems and the headaches disappeared. He could breathe freely again and he concluded that he had received healing. He revealed that the healing was immediate. “The fact that I was sweating where there was AC showed that something happened in my system. I was vomitting so much during the interactive prayer session. As instructed by the Man of God, I went to the toilet and excreted faeces, the kind of which I had never seen before. The vomiting and, later, assorted defecation were immediate evidence of the efficacy of prayer on my system. Before the prayer session, when I spoke, I ran short of breath easily. Now I speak freely.”
Dr. Kameni later revealed that he decided to do another Covid-19 test to confirm his healing and “to my surprise, I tested negative.”
At the end of the testimony, Dr. Kameni was effusive in praising Jesus. He advised the world and all his colleagues in the medical profession to believe in God and to know that God could heal all diseases. Speaking in French, Dr Kameni concluded his testimony by advising his viewers to take the Man of God seriously. He advised people around the world, Americans and others to be inspired by this miracle. Waving his hands and exercising his entire body happily, he advised the world not to joke with blessings of Prophet TB Joshua.
At the end of the testimony session, Dr. Pierre Kameni was advised by the prophet to take care of his spiritual life.
Most people The Lagosian Magazine interviewed on their view of this amazing event expressed the opinion that this amazing event is a powerful proof that God is still above any disease. According to Mr. Kehinde Balogun, a banker living in Ajao Estate, “The testimony of a medical doctor is an authentic revelation of the power of God’s hand against any disease no matter how deadly.”
Another respondent, Princess Chidera Osuagwu, a resident of Jakande Estate, Isolo, Lagos said that it was a proof of the saying of Prophet TB Joshua that “distance is not a barrier” in the process of healing. “Imagine someone thousands of kilometres away in Cameroon receiving healing on a TV broadcast transmitted from Nigeria! That’s amazing!”
Further healing testimonials were broadcast after this testimony, including those of a Mrs Agbebaku who was healed of adult bed-wetting and a January 2012 healing of a man whose bullet wounds on the buttocks turned cancerous and deadly. Before and after videos of the amazing healing sessions and testimonies of the healing recipients were broadcast around the world by this TV Ministry with hundred of millions of viewers around the world.

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