September 22, 2020


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For too long now National Security and Human Right, e.g: security of life and Property of Nigerians have continued to attract State Government concern’s, within the last 10 years, the Northern Region have been the most affected insecurity and Bandits this has affected the daily chores of the social and economic activities of the State’s, i.e. business, labour, school’s, etc. this events provide Government with a number of valuable opportunities, including increasing revenue, revitalising a city and providing an increased sense of community harmony.

With these benefit comes greater responsibility for the law enforcement agencies to ensure public safety and security. The law enforcement executives are tasked with managing the daily chores, for too long the law enforcement has had few resources or blue-print to help provide security to heighten a sense of public safety in all aspects of security management and operations.

One State that has taken the fight against bandits more seriously is Zamfara State. In the resent development, while making a donation to assist the security agencies the North, particularly Zamfara State, His Excellency, Dr. Matawalle Bello (MON ), the Executive Governor of Zamfara State, options that if no concrete provision or adequate sustainable structure is put in place; history will ask us what we did in the face of public unrest, oppression, insecurity, kidnapping, women/child trafficking. Our children will struggle to understand how some group of people who probably didn’t finish primary school got guns and uniform to make our lives hell, these are questions that will hunt us forever if we fail to do something, for this reason he assured the good people of Zamfara State that he will do whatever he can to ensure that our children may be able to run to police station for safety when he or she is in danger.

The Governor listed out some core operational areas his administration will give adequate attention, and concentration, Administrative and logic, command and control, financial/grant management, the governor promise to provide intelligent/counterterrorism/counter surveillance service, interagency communication and technology, plus legal affairs, including public information and Media relations.

His recent donation of 200 brand new security operational vehicles is intended to provide tactical support and explosive device response/hazardous materials, transportation and non-event patrol.

He believes that law enforcement will be better prepared to handle incidents and achieve result, such as minimal civil unrest reduces response times and a heightened sense of public safety throughout the State.

The Governor has consistently give an opinion that, the best economy of a city is the care and good Leadership you bring on the table, and if drug abuse, prostitution, insecurity, crime and social inequality are to be eliminated, more is required from the government and his people, than an increase in police presence. Our people (Youths) must be helped to make dramatic changes in their thinking and behavior, he says that having a safer and better future for everyone comes at a price, if Zamfara State indigenes and/or those resident in the State do not have a memory of being respected, Loved and protected; might be condemned to search for something to fill it up

Sola Olugbemiro publisher Access weekly Magazine.

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