October 22, 2020



Governor Bello Mohamned (Matawallen Maradun) has said that the state Government has so far, saved 31 kilograms of refined Gold for the state Government.

“Already, we have an offer of N5 billion from some interested partners to be supplying them with gold bars over a period of time” Matawalle revealed.

He said the move was meant to boost the financial base of the state. “the Gold was wholly mined and refined by our local miners. It is a measure we are taking to ensure that the mineral resources in Zamfara benefit the people”.

Governor Matawalle, who said the Government will continue to save gold for the state in designated banks and ensure that the state gets the respect it deserves by having the security needed for any business transaction.

He said the gold was purchased by the state Government and the idea is also meant to boost the trade in the state instead of what is obtainable today.

“the situation today is that a few people mine the gold, take it abroad and trade it out there without a single benefit for the people in the state. This is what we want to change”, the Governor said.

It will be recalled that Governor Bello Mohammed earlier showed some of the gold to the President where the President said it was the first time anyone physically showed him the Zamfara Gold.

Zailani Bappa
Special Adviser
Public Enlightenment, Media and Communications

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