September 16, 2021



From my own point of view, joining any political party is indeed the game of interest in respective of how long a politician has been in the other party.

The general public have been hearing so many unconfirmed series of reports about the possible decamping plans of His Excellency Governor Bello Muhammad matawalle of Zamfara state from PDP to the opposition, All progressive Congress APC which is not yet officially confirm from the two giants political party supporters, living the two party supporters in a higher degree of suspense with no option than to keep on watching and listening as the storyline unfolds.

However, if Governor Bello Muhammad matawalle finally decides to join the APC today, that’s means, he will Automatically be the party leader in the state, in fact, he will become the final approval authority of the APC in the state of zamfara.

At this point, it’s important for Ex. Governor Yari to note that, Zamfara state APC is not dedicated to a particular group of person, or individuals, also he should have it at the back of his mind that the National leadership of the APC will be very glad to receive any PDP governor in addition to their advantages against the 2023 general elections, because the national interest will, and must supersede Ex Governor Yari interest as an individual.

Finally, I would like at this point wish to advise the good people of Zamfara state especially the APC, to please stop jeopardizing, and politicizing the ongoing operation wipe out banditry currently going on in the state, by the team of patriotic security personnel’s, and that the APC should please stop bringing Nigerian army in to Zamfara politics as we have seen it done by some educated illiterates APC members of the state, because “our hearts and prayers is always with the Nigerian army who are paying the grave price in the process of maintaining the territorial integrity of our dear Country Nigeria.

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