The KM 7, NEW IFE ROAD, IBADAN headquarters of the Celica Church of Christ International was a posh spectacle last Thursday, April 14 when it played host to an August visitor, Rev. Dr. Fidon Nwombeki General Secretary of the All Africa Conference of Churches, AACC.
Accompanied by a delegation that included Rev Dr. Lesmore Gibson Ezekiel, AACC’s Director of Programs, Rev. Dr Evans Onyemara General Secretary, Christian Council of Nigeria, Lagos, Rev. Dr. Testimony Onifade, Ecumenical Officer, Nigerian Baptist Convention and Deacon Kehinde Adebayo, Ecumenical Officer, Church of the Lord Aladura, Dr. Nwombeki visited Celica as part of a Continent wide Programme aimed at further uniting the Christian tile.

An elated Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Adetunji Adeonigbagbe, Founder of Celica Who had graciously anticipated this visit for weeks played a genial Host to the ecumenical vistors from the Kenya headquarters of .

Ìn a Welcome Address read on behalf of Dr. Adeonigbagbe by the Head of Administration, nointed Prophet Olukunle Abimbola, Celica International expressed its gladness about the coming of the Christian VIPs at the popular church.

While taking the time to narrate the history, meaning and mission of Celica, especially Celica’s great people-oriented commission and unrelenting forthrightness about injustice, mal-administration, poor governance, and insecurity etc since its founding, the church implored Christians to be united in spirit and pray to the Lord Almighty to lead them out of the Nigerian crisis and into peace and development in Jesus’ name.

Abímbólá àlsò said that Celica joined the AACC due to its belief “that Jesus Christ is better propagated through the promotion of understanding, peace and unity of believers in Jesus Christ.”
He expressed Celica’s determination to engage in more humanitarian activities and developmental projects once the required resources are available. The church also advocated enhanced theological training and access to theological and administrative training for priests in order to enhance their work.
The church also appealed for “more aid for member churches especially assistance of their humanitarian activities and development projects.”
In his response, Dr. Nwombeki confessed to being pleasantly surprised by the effusive display of love and welcome by the founder and faithful of Celica Church of Christ, especially the amazing church procession organized in the church’s honour. He said that AACC shared the vision and belief of Celica in the independence of churches and the urgent need to take the gospel to those who had never believed or those who stopped believing.
Expressing the readiness of AACC to always be in solidarity with the struggle for peace in Nigeria, especially the battle to install religious freedom in the North, Dr. Nwombeki promised to address the suggestions of Celica. He promised that AACC would continue to stand with Celica and other ministries in their many functions as spiritual bastions and social justice promoters.
The Tanzania-born cleric concluded by presenting what he called a “small symbol” of love to the church, a symbolic cross made from a Tanzanian ebony tree and representing the unity and solidarity of all churches of God.
While responding, the founder and General Overseer of the Celica Church of Christ International, Rev Dr. Adetunji Adeonigbagbe, thanked the visitors for reaching out to the churches across Africa without prejudice to size and age. His Holiness promised to always put his power and strength to the progress of AACC.
He appreciated Celica members for their love and dedication and the GS’s accompanying delegates for this historical ecumenical visit. He also glowingly appreciated his wife as the pillar of his life and success and his own jewel of inestimable value. The presence of the media covering this auspicious event was also applauded by the popular Man of God.
Dr. Nwombeki and his delegation have since visited other churches in continuation of their ecumenical journey across Africa.

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