October 22, 2021

Nasir Elrufai Reversed Minimum Wage From 30k to 18k After Sacking over 3,000 Workers Last Week.


Today on Twitter Kaduna has been trending over the reduction of minimum wage and the students of Greenfield Private University that were abducted.

Some people reacted over the reduction of minimum wage by the Governor of Kaduna State stating that he is insensitive at this point in time.

It is quite unfortunate that our leaders do not care about us. How can a Governor reduce the minimum wage of workers from 30k to 18k in this Nigeria bad economy without having plan on how to increase the revenue of the state? This is appalling especially now that the value of Naira is completely nothing when compared to others.

Our Naira currency is valueless now. The rise in inflation has led to increase in prices of goods and services. Going to market with the meagre salary being paid to Civil servants is nothing compared to the money being laundered by our politicians.

The 30k or 18k cannot feed a family for a month with how our economy is right now much less of sacking people because you are unable to pay salaries.

Many have dedicated their time and all to see that the state move forward only to be disappointed with this recent development.

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Why can’t the Governor and his members in the House of Assembly reduce their own salaries too to accommodate the Civil Servants but no they choose to be selfish.

Many unemployed graduates are roaming round the streets because the Government have failed to provide a conducive environment and a working system for them that is why we are left at crossroads now with insecurity.

Injustice, lack of fairness, nepotism, corruptions, absense of belonging, bad governance and infringement of human rights are what is plaguing our country since tyrants and dictators took over.

Check out the tweet with the news and reactions from some people through their comments below,

@AfaAkanni said, If he is sacking people genuinely because of financial crisis he should also have plan on increasing revenue.

Perhaps, the violent he encourage has catched up with him.

Violent is bad for business and state Revenue

@ I am-OD- Sit said, Sadly, when Nigerian govt talks about cutting cost, it is never about cutting theirs but the masses. Bisi Akande also ‘cut’ cost of governance that time in osun by sacking many teachers. They can never cut their own wages or reduce their aides.

@ RestructureNigeria said, It’s not his fault, blame it on the COVID-19 pandemic. The economy crisis is the problem. The Governor is doing everything in his capacity to normalize the situation.

@Samuel Realator said, Did he cut down on his own wage, his commissioners, countless SAs, wasteful vehicles moving with him unnecessarily. Stop blaming covid-19, those guys are heartlessly after the poor masses.

@Simon James Haruna said, I would have applauded him if he had started by cutting down his own salary first and that of his appointees. What a country.

@Olusolabolajila said, This is very shameful. As Governor, he is to pathfind a means of resourcefulness and welfare. What has he done to create wealth? He is one of the examples of ‘share-complex’ in Nigeria. So sad!

@Bulama8976 said, The Economic Reality On Ground Beckons On Us Which I May Not Against Him

But Fundamentally, Are The Executive And Legislative Arms Also Reduces Their Salaries And Allowances ?

We Expected Leadership By Example.

We Will All Cut Our Coats Inaccodance With Sizes Of Our Clothes.

@Ericosemime said, The height of wickedness. The 18k minimum wage is a violation of human rights. How much is a bag of rice? The cost of everything keeps going up while the minimum wage remains static. The Governor is cut off from reality. If he was President he will likely reduce the minimum wage.

What do you have to say about the reduction in Minimum wage by Elrufai?
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