Lt Gen Buratai Urges Nigerians To Contribute Towards Achieving Lasting Peace In The Country


Nigerians of what ever capacity have been urged to strive to contribute their own quota towards achieving lasting peace in the country.

Nigeria’s former Chief of Army Staff Lt Gen Tukur Yusuf Buratai made the call on Sunday August 28, 2022 in Lagos at a symposium on Building internal security set – ups and community protection in Nigeria; Nations, Styles, Possibilities and Master Plan, organised by the World Institute for Peace in honour of the former Army Chief.

“We must always strive to contribute to peace in our societies in whatever capacity we find ourselves. You must contribute either as a medical doctor, a nurse, an engineer, a trader, a barber, a farmer, or a labourer etc.” Gen Buratai emphasized.

He expressed remorse that many victims lost their lives in the heineous acts of terrorism and other criminality bedevilling various communities nation wide and expressed confidence that one day, peace will be achieved especially with the various efforts being put to curtail the menace.

Amb Tukur Buratai who was optimistic of the efforts being put together, the terrorism will be a thing of the past in Nigeria. He salute the courage and efforts of the Nigerian Army in dealing with the situation. ” identifying me to be its torch bearer. It is humbling on one hand, and gratifying on the other; truly it is an evidence that the efforts of our dear nation and it’s various actors to achieve peace in these tumultuous times have not gone unnoticed, and are appreciated by your esteemed organization. Particularly, being the past Chief of the Army Staff, Nigerian Army which has been at the vanguard of almost all physical efforts at ensuring peace, I am grateful to the institute for this recognition, it is by extension a recognition of the role of the officers and soldiers of our esteemed military in the development of our nation.”

The Ambassador re-emphasized the role of peace in the development of any nation and stressed the for every citizen to contribute his or her quota in the development of Nigeria. “Development means security and without security, there is no development.”

” This, means that peace is at the heart of national development and advancement, thus highlighting the importance of the core values of the World Institute for Peace and by extension, the relevance of this symposium. The efforts of this organization, and all other organizations that promote peace, are germane to global peace and security. ” Buratai emphasized.

He said “Peace is not a notion that can be defined in a single sentence. It signifies many things to different people and may be perceived through different lenses; yet, there is a common acceptance that peace denotes the absence of violent conflict.

“In my years of service as a military officer up until my position as the Chief of Army staff, I have had the privilege of being an genuine participant in the quest for peace in Africa and Nigeria- from insurgency, terrorism, farmer-herder clashes, militancy, riots, Angola civil war, and the Bakasi War… to mention but a few. The Nigerian constitution recognises the Police Force as the primary institution tasked with the responsibility of handling internal security. However, the rise of Boko Haram in 2009 signaled a shift in the nature of internal strife in Nigeria, necessitating a shift in strategy.

“As a result, the military, particularly the Army, was thrown into the spotlight, and this has progressively become the norm, with the military increasingly playing a role in internal security management.

” My contributions to the peace initiative stand as proof on their own, as an officer and in the many roles I performed in the Army. As a young Captain I was opportuned to participate in UN Peacekeeping/Observer Mission under the auspices of the United Nations Angola Verification Mission II (UNAVEM II) from 1993 – 1994. It was my first contribution to the global UN Peace initiative. As the commander of the newly reconstituted MNJTF, I worked hard to strategise and planned the fight against the Boko Haram Terrorists group that almost engulfed the Lake Chad Basin countries.

” The roles played by Nigeria, AU and Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) were so strategic in bringing about the relative peace being enjoyed now. But during my tenure as Chief of Army Staff, one of my main objectives was ^ strengthen the interplay between the government’s kinetic and non-kinetic strategies in bringing about security and peace for our nation Nigeria.
The past years have also illuminated the importance of diplomacy, discourse, and the role of the community in achieving security. Religious leaders, traditional leaders, security personnel, political leaders, and the general citizenry have a part to play in achieving security in achieving security in Nigeria and by extension the world.” Buratai revealed.

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